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InTice Granular Bait

Product Code:
EVTO064: 64 oz tip-n-measure bottle
55 gallon drum

  InTice Granular Bait

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FIFRA 25(b) Exempt Insecticide

EcoVia 3-in-1 Insecticide, Miticide and Fungicide is a highly effective, broad spectrum pesticide that is ideal for use on plants, both edible/consumable and ornamental.  The research-based botanical formula was created through extensive scientific research and is proven effective in the real world. EcoVia 3-in-1 may be used outdoors, in greenhouses via spray or fog, and in interior plantscapes, all without neonicotinoid or pyrethroid label restrictions. The product is ideal for both organic and conventional production.

  • Research–based botanical pesticide, EPA Exempt 25(b) product
  • Mixes and stays in solution easily, like a traditional synthetic insecticide
  • Minimal fragrance at label application rates
  • Effective on a wide array of insect pests, mites and fungi
  • Excellent product for use on cannabis
  • More gentle on equipment than some essential oil pesticides
  • Broad label without neonicotinoid or pyrethroid restrictions
  • Suitable for organic production