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InVade Bio Bullet

Product Codes:
IBBL036: 36 x 50 g beverage tray bullets (2.5" x .75")
15 x 100 g minis (2.75" x .75")
IBBL121: 12 x 1 lb bullets (4" x 3")
IBBL405: 4 x 5 lb bullets (8" x 4")

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InVade™ Bio Bullet™ is a slow-dissolving solid block which contains premium, super-concentrated microbes for grease trap maintenance and other bio remediation applications. The non-toxic, naturally occurring bacteria are present in high concentration to handle difficult organic problems.

  • Dissolves over a 30-90 day period in low flow drain systems for continuous treatment
  • May be hung from drain covers to continuously treat build-up and slow or smelly drains
  • Reduces sludge, fats, oils and grease build up and other food-based waste and odors
  • Will not harm plumbing, septic systems or municipal water treatment operations
  • Available in 100g “minis” for use in beverage fountain drip trays, condensation pans and small drains – also available in 1 lb (perfect for interceptors and large floor drains) and 5 lb bullets (ideal for grease traps)