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InVite Multi-Moth Lure

Product Code:
IMML012: 12 individually wrapped lures


  InVite Multi-Moth Lure

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InVite™ Multi-Moth Lure is a rubber septa lure, impregnated with pheromones, designed for ease of use and no mess. This lure is highly attractive to a range of pantry moths and is perfect for use in storage warehouses and retail stores for monitoring and trapping moths.

  • Contains pheromones for attracting plodia, ephestia, Indian meal, tobacco, almond, Mediterranean flour and raisin moths
  • Non-toxic, non-pesticidal rubber septa lure – effective for at least 6 weeks
  • May be applied to glueboards of any shape or size
  • InVite™ Multi-Moth Lure can be placed on the glueboard in the D-Sect™ IPM Station for discreet, protected monitoring or trapping
  • May be reapplied to a new glueboard should the first glueboard become full during the effective period of the lure