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InVite Roach Lure
Product Code:
IRLG035: single 35 g syringe with plunger
  InVite Roach Lure

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InVite™ Roach Lure is a unique, powerful, non-toxic attractant gel can be utilized for monitoring or mass trapping, as well as for attracting roaches into pesticide treated zones.

  • Attracts German cockroaches, American cockroaches, Oriental cockroaches and smoky brown cockroaches
  • Non-hazardous formula capable of increasing capture rate by a factor of four
  • Produces stronger draw of cockroaches versus standard pesticidal gel baits
  • InVite™ Roach Lure can be used in an area treated with a non-repellent spray, or dust such as BorActin™ Insecticide Powder or CimeXa™ Insecticide Dust to draw roaches to the treated area