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PFT Hanging Station

Product Code:
PFTY012: 12 stations with cups and hanging wires
PFTC050: 50 replacement cups
  PFT Hanging Station

Instruction Sheet | Product Sheet

The patented Yellow PFT™ Station is a versatile, multi-configurable station for baiting, trapping and monitoring flying insects.

  • Durable, tamper-resistant construction
  • Easy to service - no tools or special keys needed to remove cover
  • Removable molded-in aperture disc allows for multiple opening sizes, enabling the capture of most flying insects
  • Utilizes a standard 16 oz drink cup for containment – just replace the cup when it becomes full or dirty
  • Works great with InVite™ Lures and can be wiped or sprayed with a microencapsulated insecticide such as FenvaStar™ EcoCap™ to create a killing station
  • Also compatible with poison baits for flying insects