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Success Stories
A Winning Combination For Fruit Fly Eradication


When it comes to battling fruit flies, Joseph Snopek, Owner of Professional Pest Solutions LLC located in Liberty, MO, has the right antidote thanks to Rockwell Sales Rep, Chris Carr. “I would like to thank Chris for meeting with me to discuss the Rockwell Labs product line and to see how it could assist in a fruit fly problem I have in two of my accounts.”

Joseph was dealing with fruit fly problems in a local alehouse, as well as a pizzeria. These areas are very common and prone to have issues with fruit flies. “Sanitation is always an issue that we cannot directly control,” Joseph states. “The InVade Bio Sanitation line and BorActin was discussed with Chris. He felt that it would get the quickest results.”

After bringing Chris along to the pizzeria, Joseph had his plan in place. “We looked at the situation and he prescribed Bio Foam or Hot Spot, as well as BorActin in the drains and beer tap drains, along with two Insect Bloks and a Bio Bullet,” Joseph says. “I have used the Bio Foam since its inception with good results when used regularly in drains, around pop lines, as well as moldings and tile with buildup. BorActin, Bio Bullets, and Insect Bloks were new to me.”

After trying Rockwell’s Bio Sanitation line in combination with BorActin at the pizzeria, Joseph used the same procedure at the alehouse. “I used the same procedure at another account, an alehouse sports bar with fruit flies in the beer tap drain,” says Joseph. “Being in the industry for over 35 years, I was apprehensive but willing to try this new approach. After about 10 days, I returned to the pizzeria and was very happy to see the infestation just about eliminated. The alehouse had the same results with the eradication of fruit flies,” Joseph continued. “I am fully aware of the sanitation of these areas. But when the owners cannot get them cleaned properly and they primarily use commercial cleaning solutions from other suppliers, this approach seems like the answer when the fruit flies start creating a nuisance.”

Not only was Joseph pleased by the results, he was also very happy to have worked with Chris, “Thank you once again Chris and Rockwell Labs for your help with this problem. I will look into your other products as I create needs for them.”

Rockwell Labs Making Greener Services Effective And Easy

Ethan Fortner, the owner of Sprout’s Pest Control LLC, gets the job done with the help of Rockwell’s EcoVia and InTice product lines. While Sprout’s offers both green and conventional pest control, their main focus is on the greener side. “We offer both kinds of services but our main focus is green,” states Ethan. “We use a ton of EcoVia, mainly EC, and a lot of InTice 10 granular bait. Several accounts need approved product lists and I’ve never had any problems.” Ethan also stated that EcoVia EC is great for mosquito control. “Our main use for EcoVia EC is mosquito control.” “I like to mix EcoVia EC with a polymer adjuvant. It helps the actives hold up a lot longer. I have no problem with the residual lasting 30 days. I have never had any issues using EcoVia EC. I love it, especially when compared to other botanical insecticides.”

Ethan’s service also uses a lot of InTice 10. “We use InTice 10 for our quarterly accounts. It works great and we like to apply a band outside of where we spray around the foundation,” Ethan says. “Roaches can be a big issue, primarily ones that are peridomestic, or outdoor roaches. InTice 10 is our go-to for any sort of outdoor roach problem!” Not only have our products helped out Ethan and his service, but so has one of our Rockwell sales reps, Tom Nay. “Tom Nay is awesome,” Ethan says. “Tom hooked me up with more than what I needed. The very next day I had exactly what I asked for. We buy more products from you guys than from anybody else. We are willing to give anything a try from our favorite insecticide company.” Sprout’s Pest Control is family owned and operated. They are located in Trenton, Georgia. Sprout’s offers free inspections and specializes in organic treatments.

Head on over to their Facebook to learn more!

EcoVia CA & EcoVia WD get the job D-O-N-E
Minuteman Pest Control has been serving Western Massachusetts since 1976

When it comes to taking care of roaches, Rockwell’s EcoVia product line is proven to get the job done! Minuteman Pest Control, of Western Massachusetts, states that, “We have found that using EcoVia CA and EcoVia WD for roach treatments in our sensitive accounts have shown to be very successful!”

Rockwell’s EcoVia product line offers highly effective, broad spectrum insecticides that meet customer and regulatory demands for a green solution. The research-based botanical insecticides provide the application flexibility without pyrethroid or neonicotinoid application restrictions, creating a wide range of label flexibility. Being EPA Exempt allows Minuteman Pest Control to tackle a variety of pest problems while still being able to suit their customers’ needs.

“The products are classified as 25(b) exempt minimum risk pesticides, which goes a long way with customers, especially in regards to sensitive accounts. The pleasant fragrance is also a plus and appreciated by our customers. Both products have shown substantial knock down power and proven themselves as reliable alternatives in our Pest Management tool box.”

When asked about Rockwell’s sales rep, Pat Ryan, the Minuteman team could not be more than pleased. “Pat Ryan has been a pleasure to work with. Pat is a true professional and is always willing to lend a helping hand when asked.”

Minuteman Pest Control has been serving Western Massachusetts since 1976. They are an IPM certified company with the state of Massachusetts, Quality Pro Certified since 2010, members of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), New England Pest Management Association (NEPMA), as well as the National Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA). Minuteman Pest Control currently staff two gradate Entomologists along with two Associate Certified Entomologists.

The Fast-Acting Impact of InVict Xpress: Rose Pest Solutions eliminates cockroach infestations within hours, thanks to Rockwell Labs’ InVict Advanced Baits

Mike Cater, service manager of Chicago-based Rose Pest Solutions, has worked in the pest management business since 1987. In his time in the industry, he says, he has never used products that combat American cockroach (Periplaneta americana)infestations as well as InVict Advanced Baits.

Cater’s preferred pesticides to use in treating infestations are InVict Xpress Granular Bait and InVict Gold Cockroach Gel.

“It’s unbelievable,” Cater says of the products’effectiveness. “The roaches run right to the baits. I’ve never seen anything like that.”

For even the toughest infestations, Cater has seenInVict Xpress kill cockroaches within a couple of hours.

“We had a job to eliminate an American cockroach infestation in a building in downtown Chicago,” Cater says. “The situation was really bad – we saw cockroaches just crawling down from the ceiling.”

The Rose Pest Solutions crew used InVict Xpress baits to attract and kill the cockroaches. Cater says his technicians left the building at about 2 p.m. after setting out the baits and returned around 5 p.m. that evening.

“Before we even returned, the building’s maintenance workers had brought out vacuum cleaners to clean up all the cockroaches that were already dead and beginning to fall from the ceiling.”

Rose Pest Solutions Branch Manager Mike O’Connor, who has worked in the pest management business for 18 years, has had similar fast-acting results when using InVict Advanced Baits.

In addition to InVict Advanced Baits, O’Connor and Cater cite EcoVia Botanicals as significant assets to their technicians’ pest management success. The company uses Rockwell Labs’ green insecticides to treat infestations of mosquitoes and fruit flies.

“The products work,” Cater says. “They work very well.”

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Ants Don't Stand a Chance: InVict AB & Blitz Eliminate Persistent Ant Infestations

When Pat Bailey, Technical Director at Southwest Exterminating in Houston TX, was looking to control a persistent pharaoh ant problem at a customer’s home, he had tried just about everything under the sun. After recently battling the problem for nearly seven months, he decided to try InVict AB at the encouragement of John Brownlee, his Rockwell Labs sales rep. Four days after treating the discouraged homeowners’ property, the problem had severely diminished. After about three weeks, the homeowner claimed there wasn’t a single ant in sight.

Needless to say, Pat was impressed. “The ants took more liking to the InVict AB rather than the other baits we used for pharaoh ants. I also tried InVict AB for silverfish and found much success in doing so. This is going to be my go to product for now. I’ve had really good success with it.”

Pat also had another ant challenge on his hands, and it wasn’t a common ant problem he dealt with in the Houston area either. His family was dealing with a major big-headed ant problem on the family farm in northern Texas. So they turned to Pat for help.

“We don’t have bigheaded ants here, but I recently discovered that they were a problem at my family’s farm. My son and I went up there to visit one weekend and I applied InVict Blitz around their house and where I found the most ant activity. Big-headed ants nest in-ground, similar to what you would see with fire ants. Their nests are easy to spot because all the grass around it will basically die. So I also applied InVict Blitz around about 10 or so different nest locations and by the next day they seemed to have all disappeared. I was amazed at how fast the InVict Blitz worked, given the size of the infestation. The ants took to it quickly, and the InVict Blitz granules took it to them quickly too!”

Having much success with Rockwell’s InVict product line, Pat stated that he uses other Rockwell products as well and is always happy with the results. John has also recently turned him toward the EcoVia botanical product line and he is eager to give them a try.

“John makes it a point to stop by and visit whenever he is in town. He always has something new he wants me to try, and is always willing to listen and offer solutions. I can’t say enough good things about him.”

Southwest Exterminating has been servicing customers for 47 years. Family-owned and operated since 1969, the company services both residential and commercial accounts in Houston and its surrounding counties.
EcoVia EC Delivers Excellent Mosquito Control for Pest Management Company

When Lynn Frank, Technical Director at Suburban Exterminating in Long Island NY, was looking for an effective, green insecticide for their mosquito control program, he tried several 25(b) minimum risk products but none seem to have the residual activity he was looking for. Lynn was motivated to use 25(b) products given all the laws and regulations in the State of New York regarding exterior treatments with conventional
insecticides, and the need to give proper notification to all the surrounding neighbors. By using a 25(b) product he could avoid those requirements, but finding one that provided the level of protection he wanted for his customers was just as challenging. Until he started using EcoVia EC – Research based botanical insecticide, EPA Exempt 25(b) product.

“I started using EcoVia EC last year for mosquito control and the number of call backs was extremely low. So we used it again this year with the same positive results. Whenever we did have a request for extra service, in almost every case, it was due to the homeowner not doing their part to ensure there was no standing water on the property. With EcoVia EC I have no use restrictions, no notification requirements and an extremely low number of callbacks. I am extremely happy with the results. More importantly, my customers are happy.”

When using EcoVia EC for mosquito control, Lynn recommends applying with a mist blower, rather than in a power sprayer or compressed air sprayer. He found that by using a mist blower, you do not need to use a lot of product volume. Lynn also indicated they typically do not use the highest dilution label rate either, that they typically use the middle ground rate.

“I prefer EcoVia EC to other products because it is easy to use, easy to store and has a flexible label. You don’t need to use as much volume as you would with a conventional product, and the product sticks around. We are getting at least 3 weeks of residual activity, which works out well for a monthly service program.”

Lynn also points out other advantages to using EcoVia EC. “I have situations on Long Island when doing exterior treatments and controlling other pest problems where EcoVia EC is the perfect solution. For example, if you are servicing the exterior of a home that is within 100 feet of a high tide, you cannot use a conventional pesticide in New York City. But I can use EcoVia ECand it works against a broad spectrum of pest problems. I really like its flexibility. It has so many advantages for so many different outdoor service situations.” “For a natural product that is classified as 25(b), I am extremely happy with the results we have seen so far. We have measured the results vs. treatments with other products based on the number of callbacks per 100 customers. EcoVia EC has proven to be very cost effective.”

Rockwell Helps PMP Land (and Keep) Commercial Accounts



Gabe Mata, who co-owns the Houston franchise of Pestmaster Services with his wife, Jinny, has been using Rockwell Labs products for the past four years. But he does more than just perform quality treatments with them. He leverages the bioremediation and microbial aspects of Rockwell products when marketing to commercial accounts. “They have been very effective in our sales presentations when we are preparing estimates for commercial facilities,” Mata explains. “We are able to present our team not just as pest management professionals, but also as sanitation consultants.”

Case in point
As an example, Mata points to a local restaurant chain where his team has integrated three of Rockwell’s sanitation and pest management products, to great success:

InVade Mop Clean
Each of the restaurants features concrete floors, which over time absorbed grease and turned dark as a result. “After six weeks of regular use of InVade Mop Clean, the floors are no longer greasy and have returned to a lighter color,” he reports. “It also looks cleaner and smells a lot better. The drains have cleared up and also look much cleaner.” The product is a premium blend of microbes, citrus oil and other cleaners for daily mopping and hard surface cleaning no other cleaners needed).

EcoVia IB Insect Bloks
EcoVia IB Bloks contain a blend of botanical insecticide oils in a pleasantly scented block form, emitting insecticidal vapors that repel insects from an area and can kill insects in smaller enclosed spaces. The vapor release is enhanced when the Bloks slowly dissolve in water, such as when placed in beverage fountain drip trays or drains. Within days of placing EcoVia IB in all of the fountain drink grates, fruit fly activity has essentially ceased at the Texas restaurant chain.

BorActin Insecticide Powder
BorActin contains 99 percent boric acid and kills a wide range of crawling insects and small flies. It is not negatively affected by the use of bleach or disinfectants by the account. “The German cockroach activity has diminished substantially, ever since we were able to get into the hard-to-reach areas with the non-repellent dust,” Mata says. His team also used the 4-oz. mop packets. Of course, Mata and his five employee team use Rockwell Labs products successfully in residential accounts, too. Homeowners like the pleasant scent and low toxicity aspect of the product line. But the restaurant chain is representative of the many commercial accounts whos reputation PestMaster Services of Houston has helped get back on track. “In some cases, there are accounts that we take over from other companies that could not help the situation,” Mata says, noting that while a pest management firm can make recommendations for sanitation and cleanliness, it’s often difficult to get an account to take action. Rockwell’s products help control pests and keep the premises clean, he adds. “The products have given us a greater opportunity to provide a wider range of services to commercial facilities that you don’t find in the common, everyday pest control company,” he concludes.

Good Products, Good People, Good Service
Wayne’s Environmental Services partners with Rockwell Labs to find optimal solutions for its customers.

As its name implies, Wayne's Environmental Services focuses on providing environmentally friendly service to its pest management customers. Based in Birmingham, Ala., the team has known — and trusted — their Rockwell Labs representative, Tom Nay, for many years. “We began using products from Rockwell Labs around the time Tom Nay went to work for them, around 2009,” recalls Tim Kendrick, the termite technical leader for Wayne’s. “Tom’s attention to detail and willingness to help us as a customer convinced us to try Rockwell’s products.” Wayne’s was pleased with the products’ performance, Kendrick says: “In fact, the InVite Lure and InVade product lines have been effective in virtually eliminating some persistent problems for us. We have had some sensitive accounts where we used these products and received amazing results.” Currently, Kendrick and his team are testing the InTice 10 Perimeter Bait in a chemical rotation on some of their quarterly pest accounts. “In a bait product, we look for a broad label with a wide range of target pests,” he explains. “InTice 10 meets both of these criteria. Early results are showing good efficacy.” InTice 10 is currently labeled for up to 90 days of outdoor efficacy against cockroaches, carpenter ants and other ant species, crickets, earwigs, silverfish, millipedes, sow bugs and mole crickets. Its 10 percent boric acid bait granules do not require applicants to don personal protective equipment (California state regulations may differ).

Technical Support
Nay’s assistance in troubleshooting difficult accounts has been another big benefit to being a Rockwell customer, says Kendrick. “Tom has gone with some of our field professionals to a few of our more difficult accounts, and has helped us identify the potential cause of some of the pest problems, as well as suggest effective treatment options,” he says. In addition, Kendrick says, Nay and the Rockwell staff have helped Wayne’s educate its customers on the important role sanitation plays in an integrated pest management (IPM) program. “Wayne’s is constantly looking for ways to be as environmentally responsible as possible with the use of pesticides and other products,” Kendrick says, “and Rockwell has given us more choices now than we have ever had before to be ‘green.’ We look forward to working with the folks at Rockwell for many years to come.”

Easy-as-Pie Solutions in the Big Apple
New York's Standard Pest Management relies on Rockwell Labs'
versatile solutions to control persistent problems


Because of its size and scope, managing pests in New York City is no easy task. So having the right tools for a job is essential, especially when dealing with American cockroaches and pigeons. That's when InVict Xpress Granular Bait and InVade Bio Foam from Rockwell Labs factor in. InVict delivers a lightning-fast kill of a broad spectrum of insects such ants, cockroaches, crickets, mole crickets, silverfish, firebrats and earwigs. With the power of imidacloprid and the irresistibility of its bait matrix, pest management professionals (PMPs) see the carnage quickly. Joshua Bloom, quality assurance director for Standard Pest Management, is one of those PMPs.

Standard, which employs about 25 people, serves the five boroughs of New York City and Westchester County. The company, which has been around since 1929, is family-owned. Bloom, a fourth-generation PMP, has been working for the company, which his great-grandfather started, for the past 15 years. Standard has been using InVict from Rockwell ever since its supplier, Residex, introduced the product to the company when it first came out on the market a few years ago. "It fits a need for us, with its quick action and low-use rate, and it's less hazardous to non-target animals than some older baits," Bloom says. "The products we use are all about versatility. Because we have walking routes in the city, our technicians need to be able to carry them, so InVict's smaller bottle can easily fit in a tool bag. The packaging is great. It can also be used in both our commercial and residential accounts."

"InVict is the best granular product for American cockroaches, Bloom says: "It's our No.1 go-to bait." Standard's technicians use InVict in and around multifamily buildings for a variety of labeled pests, but they mainly use it to combat moisture-related pests. They apply the bait in utility rooms and other rooms where people aren't around much, in areas where pipes go in and out of a building, and near sewer lines and drains. Technicians also place the bait outside buildings throughout the year. By treating basements aggressively, it results in fewer pests in the apartments above. "When our techs apply the bait around American roaches, they go right to it," Bloom says, adding that Standard is using about a case of bait a week. "We see less American roaches. The products we were using before weren't as fast acting. They didn't contain imidacloprid."

Clean-up aid
In addition to InVict, Standard also relies on Rockwell Labs for its InVade Bio Foam because Standard cleans a lot of pigeon droppings on building facades, which the company has been doing for more than a decade. Bird-related work is a significant part of the company's business. "We needed a product that breaks down bird poop, but doesn't damage structures," Bloom says. InVade's superconcentrated foaming formula contains
a blend of premium natural microbes and citrus oil for
eliminating odors and organic build-up. It's applicable for food and nonfood areas in commercial, residential, industrial, institutional, agricultural and educational establishments. It's also applicable in transport vehicles. Standard's technicians foam surfaces, spray them down, then power-wash them, which is much easier to do and much more effective with InVade because the Bio Foam the loosens organic material. Standard has been using InVade for years. In addition to these effective, low-risk products, Bloom likes Rockwell's level of service."Our rep, Pat Ryan, is fantastic," he says. "He gets back to us quickly."

Three New Tools For The Toolbox:
Arrow Exterminating in New York City uses CimeXa, EcoVia, & InVict Xpress to control bed bugs, mosquitoes, & cockroaches


Arrow Exterminating in Lynbrook, N.Y., needed another tool in its toolbox to battle bed bugs. Arrow, a family-run business started in 1947, was hired to treat a 400-room assisted living complex on Long Island that was plagued by bed bugs for years. Managers of the complex tried to eradicate the bed bugs themselves by using a heat chamber, but they were unsuccessful."They couldn't get a handle on the situation, especially in the rooms," says Mike Deutsch, Arrow's chief entomologist. "They reached out to several companies, and we pitched our protocols, and they liked us. We said, 'We have a new product we'd like to use,' and they said yes.

"CimeXa is an outstanding product," Deutsch adds.
"Originally, I didn't have too much faith in it. I thought, 'Here comes another product.' I tried many other products — some worked, and some didn't. I thought this was another me-too product. I was wrong. It turned out to be phenomenal."

Before using CimeXa at the assisted living complex, Arrow, which has 150 employees, tested it in the field in isolated areas, including in commercial buildings. When Arrow's technicians inspected the assisted living complex, they determined the previous pest management company chased the bed bugs up into the suspended ceiling. So Arrow took ceiling tiles down and applied a liquid solution of CimeXa, an insecticide dust, around the walls above the drop ceiling. "We were there every day," Deutsch says. "We wanted to see how the material performed." Within four days, Deutsch and the technicians found dead bed bugs, as well as living bugs climbing up the walls, but not past where CimeXa was applied. They applied CimeXa in the infested rooms for 30 days.
"It really did the job," says Deutsch, who's been in the industry 40 years. "We've gone back once a week and haven't seen any bed bugs. Now, our techs won't go out to a bed bug job unless they have CimeXa." Deutsch heard about CimeXa through Rockwell Labs' Pat Ryan, who visits Arrow regularly."I bought samples, and we discussed it," Deutsch says. "The silica gel that mixes with water piqued my interest. We gave it a try, and next thing I know, we're ordering cases. I didn't know how much we would need on the assisted living job, so we bought dozens of cases, which we're still using."

Mosquito Work, Too
Arrow, which has revenue of $10 million annually, has added another tool in its toolbox — EcoVia EC. Last year, the company decided to get into the mosquito control business. Before treating mosquitoes, Arrow is required to notify every adjacent property. But because EcoVia EC is a Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) 25(b) exempt insecticide, the company didn't have to notify adjacent properties. Arrow's techs use the product in gas-powered mist blowers. The company has had hardly any callbacks as a result, and EcoVia EC, which contains botanical oils, reduced the mosquito population in the residential area Arrow treated. The company's techs have also used EcoVia EC on Pennsylvania wood cockroaches (Parcoblatta pensylvanica). This primarily outdoor cockroach species has been increasingly turning up in structures on Long Island. "It works well, has a good formulation and fits into our protocol," Deutsch says.

Better Baiting
For years, Arrow used a particular bait it liked to control American cockroaches (Periplaneta americana). "It always worked great, but the manufacturer didn't renew the registration, so we were looking for a product to replace it," Deutsch says. That product turned out to be InVict Xpress, a granular bait with imidacloprid. "I tried it around my house to control camel crickets, and in two days, they were gone," Deutsch says. "I was sold on the product." Outside Deutsch's personal experience with InVict Xpress, Arrow techs used the bait on a few commercial accounts, and now they're asking for it this season. "We're going to expand its use because it worked so well," Deutsch says. "These three products — CimeXa, EcoVia and InVict Xpress — are a permanent part of our toolbox."

Rapid Cricket Carnage: Carrie Campbell, of Hatfield Pest Control, gave InVict Xpress a try

I was checking glueboards in a sensitive healthcare account and noticed quite a bit of cricket activity. Since it was a sensitive account I knew my options were limited but a Rockwell Technical Rep had recently introduced me to InVict Xpress Granular Bait. I was impressed by the low application rate and the fact there are no PPE requirements so I decided to give it a try. WOW, we observed very quick results and two weeks later there's hardly any sign of cricket activity. InVict Xpress also has an impressive range of use sites and target pests so we've been expanding our use of the product to other accounts with equally encouraging results. I'm confident InVict Xpress can handle even the toughest situations.
Down the Drain: InVade Technology is an invaluable tool in NYC restaurants for Magic Exterminating


There are thousands of restaurants in New York City. Many of them are great at cooking and serving; but they’re not great at cleaning – daily, weekly or monthly. That’s where Magic Exterminating helps. 

Serving the five boroughs of NYC, the full-service, family owned company is an integrated pest management (IPM) specialist that services sensitive accounts, such as homes, schools, hospitals and nursing homes. The company, which generates more than $5 million annually, specializes in termite control, commercial pest control, structural repairs, IPM for schools, and fumigation. It has earned the Angie’s List Super Service award in 2010, 2011 and 2013.

A typical situation goes something like this: Magic is called in to a restaurant that failed a health inspection to immediately control the fly problem. Magic usually goes in after hours, after the restaurant employees have cleaned the kitchen. Magic employees scrub, scrape and steam the drains and walls, then apply the necessary pesticides to kill off the flies. Magic follows up wit InVade, a bio sanitation product that eliminates organic buildup and odors in commercial kitchens. “in one week, there’s a dramatic difference,” says Ralph H. Maestre, BCE, Magic’s technical director.

Magic uses several InVade products:

Magic has been using InVade products for about 10 years now. Maestre met Dr. Cisse Spragins, owner and CEO, at a regional trade conference where she answered many questions about flies and how to address sanitation issues that can contribute to problems in accounts. Before InVade, Magic used another bio product with enzymes that would eat the junk in the drains of its clients. The product used previously was effective, but InVade products contain actual living microbes that act as “enzyme factories” so they work better and longer than products that contain only enzymes, and the price is more reasonable, Maestre says. Magic orders two or three cases of gallon-sized InVade Bio Cleaner every two or three weeks and buys about 26 cases of the 16 oz  InVade Bio Foam concentrate a year. 

Magic’s fly programs are part of many of its contracts, but it’s not a regular service. Magic uses InVade bio sanitation with every client that has a fly program and uses it every time no matter the frequency. “Clients are still continuing to have us perform work, so they must be satisfied,” Maestre says. 
Some structures in NYC are 400 years old, so there are many layers to walls, and there are tunnels, vaults and other unknown areas underground that people aren’t aware of. Old pipe lines are cut sometimes but are still considered part of the sewer system. These areas harbor pests. Generally speaking, restaurants in NYC are inspected once a year. If one fails, it’s inspected more frequently, but Magic typically doesn’t have that type of account. When controlling a pest problem, Magic employs every possible means to keep pests under control, which means clients need to do some work on their end. 
“We use InVade for sanitation purposes, along with the pesticide treatments,” Maestre says. “It’s one tool in the toolbox. We use a combination of punches, not just a jab.”

Unwanted Houseguests: A house infested with cats and cockroaches posed a challenge for IV Termite & Pest Control

The customer was an elderly woman who lived with several cats…and thousands of cockroaches. Whether she couldn't see the pests or simply didn't care wasn't clear, but it wasn't the homeowner who arranged for the work. The woman wouldn't let her family or caretaker clean the house. Eventually, the caretaker called IV Termite & Pest Control. We met with the caretaker, which is how we got that job," says Bill Smale, owner of the 52-year-old company, based in El Centro, Calif. Even after she agreed to let pest management professionals (PMPs) into her house, the owner insisted no sprays could be used for fear sprays would harm her cats. The 1,400-sq.-ft. home was infested with German cockroaches, and Smale's team of technicians decided to use InVict Gold Cockroach Gel, manufactured by Rockwell Labs. It was one of the worst infestations the company — started by Smale's father in 1963 — had seen. The InVict gel worked well, reports Smale, who took over the business in 1976 after his father passed away. When technicians returned to the home for follow-up visits, they found piles of cockroaches 2-in. high. It works quickly," Smale says. "You'll see roaches die in 10 to 15 minutes. They'll start shaking. Roaches are attracted to it."
Even as quick and efective as the product is, it took several months to gain control of the situation. For almost all roach jobs, we use InVict Gold bait," Smale says. It's the only roach gel we're using."

The easy-to-use bait ofers a quick kill and provides a long-lasting efect, which reduces callbacks — saving money long-term. Among the features Smale likes are:

• Cockroaches begin dying in as quick as 20 minutes after consuming the bait.
• Proven secondary kill when roaches are exposed to carcasses and droppings of roaches that ate the bait.
• Exclusive food-grade attractants are intentionally diferent from other popular baits, making InVict Gold a solid choice for bait rotation to prevent bait aversion.
• It's formulated without the eight most common food allergens for sensitive applications such as food plants, schools, and childcare and healthcare facilities.
• It's available in an individual labeled box that includes a plunger and a new 300-gram tube that fits in a standard caulking gun.

"The company is investigating options for other pests, but when it comes to cockroaches, InVict is the go-to solution because it gets rid of the roaches," Smale says.

Bait Without the Wait: Kevin O'Connor, of Eliminex Pest, talks about a tough account

I've had an account where we struggled with American roaches for five years. Recently, I met Pat Ryan at a show and he told me about Rockwell's new InVict Xpress Granular Bait. I took it out to this account and gave it a try. I've never seen so many dead roaches in my life. The results were amazingly quick and I also saw ants picking up the granules and taking it away. I've been in business for over 30 years and this is the best roach product I've seen in a long time. Rockwell has a homerun with this bait.
The Good Stuff: Marc Potzler, ACE, Training Director for Buffalo Exterminating, solves a cluster fly issue

I tried EcoVia ECat an account that was having an issue with cluster flies outside the house. Every time the [homeowners] went out or in, the flies would end up inside. I treated the exterior two weeks ago and the issue is resolved. They still see a fly here and there on the deck railing (which I didn't treat) but it takes off immediately. And the lack of label restrictions allowed us to treat where we needed. There's no staining with very little odor, and it's easy to mix and apply. PROBLEM SOLVED!