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“Customer Support” Takes a Very Literal Turn. Rockwell Labs’ Chris Carr Saves PMP at Kansas City Restaurant

NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo., January 2020 — Except for the nearly empty restaurant, it seemed like a normal sales call. Wednesday, Chris Carr, Rockwell’s Central Region rep, was having lunch with Steve Nix of Ryan Lawn & Tree Services at a local Kansas City eatery. Then suddenly, Steve was unable to make a sound, put his hand on his chest and began turning purple. Chris quickly realized he was choking and sprang into action. After performing the Heimlich maneuver multiple times, the offending food was finally dislodged and Steve was able to breathe again.

“I’ve known Steve for about three years now and nothing I have ever said has left him at a loss for words, or in this case speechless…that’s when I knew something was wrong,” Carr stated. “I knew just sitting there wasn’t going to help him out…I did what I feel most people would have done if they were in my shoes.” Nix was more than appreciative stating, “I greatly appreciated Chris’ quick response in that moment. I owe him a debt of gratitude that I can never repay”. “Chris is no stranger to quick and decisive action, and to doing whatever it takes to support our customers,” said Rockwell’s CEO, Dr. Cisse Spragins. “When the chips are down, you want him in your corner.” Review how to perform the Heimlich maneuver here.

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