New & Improved Foamer Simpson 5.0

NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo., July 16, 2020 — Rockwell Labs is pleased to introduce a new and improved version of its top-selling Foamer Simpson™ foamer. The Foamer Simpson 5.0. has a 5 liter (1.3 gallon) tank, and includes several new features that make it easier to use while delivering the same high quality foam and reliability of the previous foamer. The Foamer Simpson 5.0 is a more compact unit making it easier to transport and store on a truck.  It comes with a longer 6.5 foot hose that provides increased range without moving the tank. Drains can be foamed while standing up with the 17 inch wand, and the angled tip can easily spray the underside of equipment with less bending. Surfaces and drains can now be foamed without a tool change. And the extra wide stability base won’t tip over when placed on surfaces. Like the previous foamer, the Foamer Simpson 5.0 delivers rich, thick foam for a fraction of the cost versus power foamers, and is ideal for use with InVade Bio Foam and other foaming products.