Pest Control Products

Superfine, Non-Repellent
99% Boric Acid Dust

The Premier Insecticide for Control of Bed Bugs and Many Other Pests

Research-Based, Real World Proven Botanical Technology

Innovative Borate Bait
Formulation Technology

Unique, Cutting Edge
Bait Technology

Thick Foam that Outlasts the Competition

Innovative Non-Pesticidal Lures, Traps, and Monitoring

Time-Tested and Proven Broad Spectrum Insecticide Concentrates

Rockwell Labs Product Summary Chart

Rockwell Labs Product
Summary Chart


BaitPlate Station Products Page

Sturdy, Economical Station for Baiting Crawling Insects

D-Sect IPM Station Products Page

Patented Station for Baiting & Trapping Any Insect

InTice Border Patrol System Products Page

Perfect for Setting Up & Servicing a Perimeter Defense

PFT Stations

Stations for Baiting, Trapping & Monitoring Insects

Bio Sanitation Products

The Industry's Leading
Bio Sanitation Product Range


Get Thick, Rich Foam with this 5.0 Liter Pump Up Foamer

Injection System Delivers Microbial Solutions in Drain Lines

Programmable Doser for Continuous Drain & Trap Treatment

Programmable Sprayer for Trash Chutes, Dumpsters, etc.