Foamer Simpson 5.0

Handy, Pump-up Foamer Delivering Rich, Thick Foam for a Fraction of the Cost Versus Power Foamers

Foamer Simpson 5.0 Product Code:

  • FSPU005: 5.0 liter pump-up foamer – 17″ wand & 6.5 ft hose

Manual Pump Construction Saves Money While Producing Thick, Rich Foam Similar to Shaving Cream

Durable Plastic Construction and Lightweight

Makes servicing job sites easy and reliable.

Ideal for Use with InVade Bio Foam™, OutLAST™ Pro Foaming Agent or Any Other Foaming Product

If using other products in the foamer, make sure they are compatible with plastic.

Includes Angled Fan Spray Nozzle, 17" Wand and 6.5 ft Hose

Easier to spray with less bending and increased range without moving the tank.

5.0 Liter - 1.3 Gallon Capacity

Fill Markings in Gallons and Liters

Extra Wide Stability Base

No Tool Change Necessary to Coat Surfaces or Foam Drains

Every Part is Available Should a Replacement be Necessary

New Accessories

Includes 15″ Drain Extension Tube/Fitting, a Drain Pro Gun with Hose Assembly, and a Drain Pro Drain Plunger Attachment