Longer-Lasting Foaming Agent that Outlasts the Competition

OutLAST Pro Product Codes:

  • OPFA016: 16 fl oz squeeze-n-measure bottle
  • OPFA128: 1 gallon jug

Broad-Use, Proprietary Adjuvant

Can be used for foaming termiticides, insecticides and cleaning products, as well as foam making.

Produces Thick, Long-Lasting Foam

With less drainage of liquid from the foam.

Long-Lasting Foam Means Better Results

Foam lasts 2-3 times longer and sticks better compared to other foaming agents.

Lower Surfactant Load and Leaves Less Residue

When compared to other foaming agents.

Compatible with Pesticides and Cleaning Agents

Warning Signal Word

Does Not Contain any Chemicals from California's Prop 65 List

Rates 1/2 - 8 oz per Gallon