NEW! Power Foamer

Power-Up Your Bio Sanitation Foaming Applications! Battery-Powered Foamer for Effort "LESS" Foaming.

  • FIKE010: 1.5 gallon foamer with long life-battery & charger, 18.5″ wand and 51″ hose.

Long-Life Lithium Ion Battery-Powered Foamer

Makes treatment applications effort-less!

One Charge Will Last for 6 to 7 Tank Fills

Battery is equipped with a charge status indicator

Can Also be Connected to an External Air Compressor or Pumped Manually

Ideal for Use with InVade Bio Foam, OutLAST Pro Foaming Agent or Any Other Foaming Product

If using with other products in the foamer, make sure they are compatible with plastics

Comes With a Steel Handle, 51" Hose and 18.5" Fiberglass Wand

Comes with 3 Uptake Tubes for Variable Foam Thickness

Working Capacity of Tank is 1.5 Gallons

Translucent Tank with Level Indicator

Stable Base and Durable Construction