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InTice Border Patrol System

The Easiest Way to Set Up and Service a Reusable Perimeter Defense for Ants

InTice Border Patrol System Product Code:

  • IBPS012: Box of 12 stations

Durable Plastic Above Ground Station

Perfect for Setting Up a Proactive Perimeter Defense

Keeps bait fresher, longer.

Intergrates Seamlessly with the InTice™ Gelanimo™ Ant Bait in the 4 oz Cups

Simply drop cup into the station.

Keyless, Snap-On Lid

For easy service and bait protection.

Four Downward Facing Openings Under the Lid Provide Easy Access for Crawling Pests While Keeping Out Moisture

Simple Anchor Spike for Quick Deployment

Can Be Used for Granular Bait

Such as InTice™ 10 Perimeter Bait™  for controlling a wide range of crawling pests, or liquid bait such as InTice™ Thiquid™ Ant Bait.