D-Sect IPM Station

Patented, Discreet, Tamper-Resistant Station for Baiting, Monitoring, Trapping and Killing Virtually Any Insect

D-Sect Product Codes:

  • DSWH048: 48 white stations (no trays or glueboards)
  • DSCL048: 48 clear stations (no trays or glueboards)
  • DCGB300: 300 custom glueboards
  • DBIT024: 24 clear baiting trays

The Ultimate Solution

For conveying a clean, professional image.

Perfect for Use in Residential, Commercial or Industrial Applications

Indoors and in protected areas outdoors.

Can be Used with D-Sect™ Custom Glueboards

Or D-Sect™ Baiting Insert Trays.

Perfect for Monitoring Stored Product Inserts in Retail Stores with InVite™ Lures

Multiple Securing Options

Can be mounted in any orientation.

Low Profile, Durable, Tamper-Resistant Design

Keeps dust off glueboards and keeps them from getting crushed.

Keyless Entry Allows Fast Servicing

Knockout holes for reapplying bait eliminates the need for opening the cover.

Available in Professional White and Convenient Clear

Included Service Labels Can Be Placed Inside or Out