Less is More

Applying half a dozen or more chemicals to treat a difficult pest infestation used to be part of the job for Bryan Nichols and his team at Advanced Maintenance and Pest Solutions in Chicago, Ill. But now, this operations manager says he’s found a more effective alternative: Rockwell Labs. “Their protocol is really more of a green approach, and tends to fall along the same line with what we’re doing with our business,” Nichols says. “They have a green answer to a lot of pest control scenarios that we’re able to follow and train our team to follow.” His company has been using Rockwell Labs’ products for about four years on both commercial and residential properties. Some of the products he and his team use include CimeXa Dust, InVict advanced baits, InTice borate baits and the InVade bio sanitation line

CimeXa Dust has been especially beneficial and is included in most of their protocols, Nichols says, including ant, cockroach, stink bug and bed bug treatment. “It’s taken over my toolbox, but for a good reason,” he adds. The product made a significant impact when they needed to reevaluate a client’s treatment plan. Advanced Maintenance and Pest Solutions had been treating a hotel downtown for about four years and were getting anywhere from 30 to 50 bed bug calls a month. The team began studying the property to see where there were weaknesses in their operations and determine what their team could do to eliminate potential advantages for bed bugs. “We were getting calls for the 9th and 10th floors constantly,” Nichols explains. “So, they renovated those floors, and we proactively treated the rooms while they were under construction.” They applied CimeXa behind walls, baseboards and other areas as a pretreatment during the hotel renovation. “Since we did this, the bed bug calls don’t originate from these floors very often,” he says. “We’re getting control, and CimeXa is a big part of that.” Not only has Advanced Maintenance and Pest Solutions come to rely on the product’s effectiveness, but they also appreciate its low toxicity as part of a green approach to bed bug control. CimeXa Dust’s engineered silica composition is naturally derived and is designed to quickly kill bed bug adults, nymphs and nymphs hatched from dusted eggs, including pyrethroid- and neonicotinoid-resistant bed bugs. The product is also odorless, non-staining and nonrepellent. For example, when a client called because someone on their property had an allergic reaction to something, Nichols says he was confident it wasn’t from what his team had applied. “We knew there wouldn’t be a conflict and that we’d be able to resolve the issue,” he says. They showed the CimeXa treatment wasn’t the culprit, making it a callback they didn’t have to worry about. “People appreciate the fact that the products we’re using are green,” he says. “We’re able to put them in real sensitive locations, like in beds for bed bugs.” Besides peace of mind, using Rockwell Labs’ products has also provided the company direction, Nichols says: “They give us effective protocols that are easy for me to use to train my team.” Nichols appreciates that Rockwell Labs’ products are low in toxicity and effective. But they also save Advanced Maintenance and Pest Solutions money on material costs — something his customers also appreciate. “That’s allowed me to rethink how I structure the pricing, and I’m able to pass along savings to clients,” he concludes.