Really Good Stuff

Chaz Brantley, owner of Kansas City MO-based Brantley Pest Control, may be a fairly new business owner, but as an experienced technician, Chaz knows the secret sauce on how to keep residential and commercial properties free of pests. Chaz, who comes from a lineage of family pest control, strives to use pest control products that are easy on the environment. Brantley Pest Control has been servicing everything from restaurants and grocery stores to residential and commercial properties for the last 5 years. While Chaz was familiar with Rockwell products and used them in the past, he admits he had started to stray away from them. That is, until he met with Chris Carr, his Rockwell Labs Technical Rep. “I was recommended to contact Chris after looking to try new products at Pest Management Supply,” Chaz explains. “Chris has been very helpful on a number of jobs and has introduced a number of Rockwell products that we now use on a regular basis.” Brantley recalls a recent roach infestation that needed a major clean-out, “Chris recently helped us tackle a serious oriental roach infestation in a residential home,” he states. “The home was infested with, what looked like thousands, of roaches throughout the ceiling and walls. We initially used Xpress and quickly began to notice dead roaches just falling from the ceiling,” Chaz explains. “It’s really good stuff and we were able to get a pretty quick clean-out using the product. We’ve also used InVict Gold and InVict AB on a few occasions and we’ve had fantastic results.”

In addition to using most of the InVict product line, Brantley Pest Control also utilizes a variety of other Rockwell products in their service offering such as CimeXa, InTice 10, BorActin, and Bio Foam“We’ve had very clear results with all of the products that Chris has introduced to us,” says Chaz. “Each situation is different, no one wants to live with roaches or get eaten by bed bugs. Being able to solve these situations is a great feeling,” he says. “That’s one thing about pest management, you get to help people and I genuinely enjoy doing that,” Brantley concludes.