As Green As it Gets

Shae Hoyle, Branch Manager of Houston, TX-based Natran Green Pest Control, knows the importance of consumer expectations and offering effective, green pest control services. With a strictly green operation, Hoyle and Natran are doing their part to further The Green Movement. For Natran, The Green Movement extends far beyond their pest control services.

“We recycle, we help out the community, we celebrate Earth Day,” stated Hoyle. “The owner wanted to find a pest control company without pyrethoids and couldn’t find one, so he started one,” he continued. “People use these products around their children and pets. It’s nice to explain to them that everything we use is botanical and mineral-based.”

Hoyle and Natran used products from other manufacturers before switching to Rockwell. “We really love your [Rockwell] products. We switched over about 2 ½ years ago and it’s been very successful for us,” stated Hoyle. Rockwell Technical Rep, John Brownlee, helped them make that switch. “John Brownlee is awesome. He came in and started talking to us in depth about how the products started and the engineering behind it,” he stated.

Hoyle went on to say that an entirely green service offering caused some skepticism at first. “We had to do some convincing to techs that were 20+ years in the business, but now they won’t use anything else. We initially expected call backs to go up but they actually went down.”

Hoyle explained that Natran uses a variety of Rockwell products such as EcoVia WD, InTice 10, BorActin, and EcoVia EC. “We use EcoVia EC every day,” Hoyle said. “We use quite a bit of [EcoVia] WD and we’ve had a lot of really good success using the Insect Bloks [EcoVia IB] and the [InVade Bio] Bullets in restaurants.”

In addition to staying true to who they are and having a strictly green service offering, Natran is also very customer-oriented. “We do more than knocking on a door and pulling a hose out,” stated Hoyle. “We really focus on quality not the quantity of the service. People are definitely asking for these green solutions and it’s nice to tell our customers, you don’t have anything to lose. If you’re not happy, we’ll give you a refund,” Hoyle concluded.