CimeXa Helping Win the Fight Against Bed Bugs

Brian Metzger, owner of GP Home Defense LLC, located in Salina, KS, has always taken pride in his community and has always done whatever he can to make it a better place.

After turning over his successful rental property business to his son, Brian wanted to do something to improve his community. That’s when GP Home Defense LLC was born.

During his 20 years managing multiple rental properties, Brian learned that a major issue with rentals is pests. “One issue with rental properties is pests…roaches, termites, and now bed bugs,” Brian said.

Brian wanted to learn as much as he could and about bed bugs in particular. “I spent countless hours researching about products for bed bugs,” stated Brian. “I am a natural born skeptic and have the natural inclination that a great sales pitch is for snake oil and hot air.”

After many hours spent researching, Brian had found just what he was looking for.

“Ultimately, I thought heat would be the way to go for bed bug treatments. But the initial cost is huge and offers no residual protection.” Brian continued. “When I first came across CimeXa, I was looking for all of the downfalls, any negatives I could find, and I just wasn’t finding any. I even went online asking members of forums what they didn’t like about it and I didn’t get anything. That’s when CimeXa became my go-to.”

While GP Home Defense LLC treats for general pests, they are more geared toward bed bug treatments. “We see it as the strongest need,” Brian stated. “I have seen tremendous success with meticulously applying CimeXa throughout homes for bed bugs. And people like that we aren’t using chemical pesticides with repeated applications. Parents don’t want their kids, or even their pets, near that.”

When asked about Rockwell’s Technical Rep, Chris Carr, Brian had nothing but good to say, “Chris has been very helpful and a pleasure to deal with,” he said. “I hope that if he’s ever in town and doesn’t have lunch plans, he’ll hit me up.”

Brian and GP Home Defense LLC are committed to offering their customers a better, healthier home environment by eliminating problematic pests. As of now, all profits have gone back into community awareness and education.