Rockwell Labs Provides One-Two Punch Against Cockroaches and Other Pests

Roaches in restaurants are never an appetizing topic. But David Horne, owner of Martinez, GA-based Horne’s Pest Control, says he can finally put the subject to rest. That’s thanks to Rockwell Labs, a professional pest management manufacturer based in North Kansas City, MO. Horne buys two Rockwell products that act as a one-two punch against restaurant challenges.

First, Horne uses InVade Bio Cleaner on restaurant floors. InVade eliminates the grease, addressing the sanitation issues that provide competing food to insect baits, and gets rid of nasty odors. Then Horne applies InVict Gold Cockroach Gel, which kills roaches quickly after they feed. “We really don’t have issues with restaurants if we can get them to use the InVade Mop Cleaner with InVict Gold,” Horne says. “I can’t say enough good things about Rockwell’s products.” Horne says he began partnering with Rockwell about five years ago. That decision has made all the difference in the world. “We had an account, a commercial
establishment battling German roaches, for about a year-and-a-half,” Horne says. “When we switched to Rockwell products, we saw the colony collapse within a month. That was significant.”

But it’s not just Rockwell’s products Horne likes. He says the company’s customer service is top-notch. Rockwell representatives come to Horne’s office to give in-depth training. The rep has even accompanied Horne’s technicians to restaurants late at night to show them how to use Rockwell products correctly. “We’re a small mom-and-pop pest-control company,” Horne says. “For them to provide that kind of training and customer service is invaluable. I can’t see myself getting away from their products and going to a competitor,” says Horne. “That’s because of their level of customer service.”


InTice 10 Perimeter Bait. Horne says he once rotated between several non-repellent liquids when dealing with trailing Argentine ants. The liquids brought him limited success. Then he tried InTice 10, and after three months of usage, Horne was sold on the product. Callbacks for followup service dropped at least by 50 percent. “We think InTice 10 is about the most effective product on the market,” Horne says. “It also works for roaches.”

InVict Blitz Ant Granules. Horne says InVict Blitz is another tool against Argentine ants, sometimes in conjunction with InTice 10. While InTice 10 is more of a general-purpose product, InVict Blitz zeroes in on Argentine ants.

CimeXa Dust. Horne has found that CimeXa is effective against bed bugs. “CimeXa is a great product for plumbing voids and behind electrical panels,” Horne says. “It has very low toxicity and lasts a long time.”