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Ants Don't Stand a Chance

Southwest Exterminating

When Pat Bailey, Technical Director at Southwest Exterminating in Houston TX, was looking to control a persistent pharaoh ant problem at a customer’s home, he had tried just about everything under the sun. After recently battling the problem for nearly seven months, he decided to try InVict AB at the encouragement of John Brownlee, his Rockwell Labs sales rep. Four days after treating the discouraged homeowners’ property, the problem had severely diminished. After about three weeks, the homeowner claimed there wasn’t a single ant in sight.

Needless to say, Pat was impressed. “The ants took more liking to the InVict AB rather than the other baits we used for pharaoh ants. I also tried InVict AB for silverfish and found much success in doing so. This is going to be my go to product for now. I’ve had really good success with it.”

Pat also had another ant challenge on his hands, and it wasn’t a common ant problem he dealt with in the Houston area either. His family was dealing with a major big-headed ant problem on the family farm in northern Texas. So they turned to Pat for help.

“We don’t have bigheaded ants here, but I recently discovered that they were a problem at my family’s farm. My son and I went up there to visit one weekend and I applied InVict Blitz around their house and where I found the most ant activity. Big-headed ants nest inground, similar to what you would see with fire ants. Their nests are easy to spot because all the grass around it will basically die. So I also applied InVict Blitz around about 10 or so different nest locations and by the next day they seemed to have all disappeared. I was amazed at how fast the InVict Blitz worked, given the size of the infestation. The ants took to it quickly, and the InVict Blitz granules took it to them quickly too!”

Having much success with Rockwell’s InVict product line, Pat stated that he uses other Rockwell products as well and is always happy with the results. John has also recently turned him toward the EcoVia botanical product line and he is eager to give them a try. “John makes it a point to stop by and visit whenever he is in town. He always has something new he wants me to try, and is always willing to listen and offer solutions. I can’t say enough good things about him.”

Southwest Exterminating has been servicing customers for 47 years. Family-owned and operated since 1969, the company services both residential and commercial accounts in Houston and its surrounding counties.