A Winning Combination for Fruit Fly Eradication

Professional Pest Solutions

When it comes to battling fruit flies, Joseph Snopek, Owner of Professional Pest Solutions LLC located in Liberty, MO, has the right antidote thanks to Rockwell Sales Rep, Chris Carr. “I would like to thank Chris for meeting with me to discuss the Rockwell Labs product line and to see how it could assist in a fruit fly problem I have in two of my accounts.”

Joseph was dealing with fruit fly problems in a local alehouse, as well as a pizzeria. These areas are very common and prone to have issues with fruit flies. “Sanitation is always an issue that we cannot directly control,” Joseph states. “The InVade Bio Sanitation line and BorActin was discussed with Chris. He felt that it would get the quickest results.”

After bringing Chris along to the pizzeria, Joseph had his plan in place. “We looked at the situation and he prescribed Bio Foam or Hot Spot, as well as BorActin in the drains and beer tap drains, along with two Insect Bloks and a Bio Bullet,” Joseph says. “I have used the Bio Foam since its inception with good results when used regularly in drains, around pop lines, as well as moldings and tile with buildup. BorActin, Bio Bullets, and Insect Bloks were new to me.”

After trying Rockwell’s Bio Sanitation line in combination with BorActin at the pizzeria, Joseph used the same procedure at the alehouse. “I used the same procedure at another account, an alehouse sports bar with fruit flies in the beer tap drain,” says Joseph. “Being in the industry for over 35 years, I was apprehensive but willing to try this new approach. After about 10 days, I returned to the pizzeria and was very happy to see the infestation just about eliminated. The alehouse had the same results with the eradication of fruit flies,” Joseph continued. “I am fully aware of the sanitation of these areas. But when the owners cannot get them cleaned properly and they primarily use commercial cleaning solutions from other suppliers, this approach seems like the answer when the fruit flies start creating a nuisance.”

Not only was Joseph pleased by the results, he was also very happy to have worked with Chris, “Thank you once again Chris and Rockwell Labs for your help with this problem. I will look into your other products as I create needs for them.”