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Sprouts Natural & Organic Pest Control

Ethan Fortner, the owner of Sprout’s Pest Control LLC, gets the job done with the help of Rockwell’s EcoVia and InTice product lines.

While Sprout’s offers both green and conventional pest control, their main focus is on the greener side. “We offer both kinds of services but our main focus is green,” states Ethan. “We use a ton of EcoVia, mainly EC, and alot of InTice 10 granular bait. Several accounts need approved product lists and I’ve never had any problems.”

Ethan also stated that EcoVia EC is great for mosquito control. “Our main use for EcoVia EC is mosquito control. I like to mix EcoVia EC with a polymer adjuvant. It helps the actives hold up a lot longer. I have no problem with the residual lasting 30 days. I have never had any issues using EcoVia EC. I love it, especially when compared to other botanical insecticides.”

Ethan’s service also uses a lot of InTice 10. “We use InTice 10 for our quarterly accounts. It works great and we like to apply a band outside of where we spray around the foundation,” Ethan says. “Roaches can be a big issue, primarily ones that are peridomestic, or outdoor roaches. InTice 10 is our go-to for any sort of outdoor roach problem!”

Not only have our products helped out Ethan and his service, but so has one of our Rockwell sales reps, Tom Nay. “Tom Nay is awesome,” Ethan says. “Tom hooked me up with more than what I needed. The very next day I had exactly what I asked for. We buy more products from you guys than from anybody else. We are willing to give anything a try from our favorite insecticide company.”

Sprout’s Pest Control is family owned and operated. They are located in Trenton, Georgia. Sprout’s offers free inspections and specializes in organic treatments. Head on over to their Facebook to learn more!