InVict Gold: A Go-To Bait for German Roaches

All Star Termite & Pest Control

When Nathan Gutierrez, Apprentice at All Starr Termite & Pest Control, located in Elgin, TX, used his first ever application of InVict Gold, he knew that he had found his go-to product for German Roaches.

“InVict Gold has helped us close numerous German roach jobs that were problem jobs for us in the past,” stated Nathan. “When we got our first syringe, we immediately took it to two houses that we had been treating for some time. After a few applications, the roaches were gone.”

Nathan first heard of InVict Gold at a class that he attended where the product was on display. That’s when he know he “needed to try it.” About a week after the class, Nathan walked into a Target Specialty store to pick up some InVict Gold. That’s where he met Rockwell Sales Rep, John Brownlee.

“When I walked in, John just happened to be there. I went to the front and asked if they have any of the bait there and they told me they had not received any yet,” said Nathan. “John overheard this and stepped in. He told me he was going to ship two syringes of the bait straight to our office to test out. Those were the ones we used on our two problem houses and because of that, we have been using InVict Gold ever since.”

When asked how InVict Gold compares to other roach baits he has tried, Nathan mentioned that one of his favorite features is actually the color. “Many other baits I’ve used were dark in color and stuck out in most kitchens, which tend to have lighter colored cabinets and counters. InVict Gold blended in better than most, so it wasn’t such an eye sore if you had to place it somewhere visible,” he said. “It also has worked so much faster than other baits in my experience. It is my go-to bait in almost every German roach job.”

In some accounts, Nathan can recall German roaches running to the bait. “Roaches definitely enjoy eating the InVict Gold bait. I have gone to some jobs where there were visible German roaches and as soon as I put the stuff out, they would begin eating it.”

When asked about other Rockwell products, Nathan said that his company uses InTice 10 on a consistent basis, as well as InTice Thiquid Ant Bait.

Nathan has been with All Starr Termite & Pest Control for close to one year now and had nothing but positive comments about the Rockwell products he has used. “The products have worked well and we have been using them for as long as I’ve been here. That’s a pretty good indicator of their success!”