EcoVia EC Delivers Excellent Mosquito Control for Pest Management Company

Suburban Exterminating

When Lynn Frank, Technical Director at Suburban Exterminating in Long Island NY, was looking for an effective, green insecticide for their mosquito control program, he tried several 25(b) minimum risk products but none seem to have the residual activity he was looking for. Lynn was motivated to use 25(b) products given all the laws and regulations in the State of New York regarding exterior treatments with conventional insecticides, and the need to give proper notification to all the surrounding neighbors. By using a 25(b) product he could avoid those requirements, but finding one that provided the level of protection he wanted for his customers was just as challenging. Until he started using EcoVia EC – Research-based botanical insecticide, EPA Exempt 25(b) product.

“I started using EcoVia EC last year for mosquito control and the number of call backs was extremely low. So we used it again this year with the same positive results. Whenever we did have a request for extra service, in almost every case, it was due to the homeowner not doing their part to ensure there was no standing water on the property. With EcoVia EC I have no use restrictions, no notification requirements and an extremely low number of callbacks. I am extremely happy with the results. More importantly, my customers are happy.”

When using EcoVia EC for mosquito control, Lynn recommends applying with a mist blower, rather than in a power sprayer or compressed air sprayer. He found that by using a mist blower, you do not need to use a lot of product volume. Lynn also indicated they typically do not use the highest dilution label rate either, that they typically use the middle ground rate.

“I prefer EcoVia EC to other products because it is easy to use, easy to store and has a flexible label. You don’t need to use as much volume as you would with a conventional product, and the product sticks around. We are getting at least 3 weeks of residual activity, which works out well for a monthly service program.” Lynn also points out other advantages to using EcoVia EC.

“I have situations on Long Island when doing exterior treatments and controlling other pest problems where EcoVia EC is the perfect solution. For example, if you are servicing the exterior of a home that is within 100 feet of a high tide, you cannot use a conventional pesticide in New York City. But I can use EcoVia EC, and it works against a broad spectrum of pest problems. I really like its flexibility. It has so many advantages for so many different outdoor service situations.”

“For a natural product that is classified as 25(b), I am extremely happy with the results we have seen so far. We have measured the results vs. treatments with other products based on the number of callbacks per 100 customers. EcoVia EC has proven to be very cost effective.”