Family-Owned Pest Management Company Corners Market

Spectrum Pest Control

Brent Towle, owner of Kenosha, Wis.-based Spectrum Pest Control, requires each product his business uses to fit two main criteria: green and effective. Towle, who has more than 30 years of experience in pest management, founded Spectrum Pest Control in 1994 with a goal to one day offer 100 percent organic pest management services.“It has taken all this time to offer 80 percent natural services,” says Towle, who views going green as not just a branding choice, but the opportunity to offer an all-natural experience for his employees and clients. In selecting products, Towle considers those that are FIFRA 25(b) minimum-risk and those approved for NPMA GreenPro Certified companies, but ultimately weighs factors including biology and structural idiosyncrasies. He reviews labels and Safety Data Sheets together with his wife and business partner, Judith, who has degrees in organic chemistry and advanced life science. Once the couple is sure the product meets their standards, they test the product on multiple accounts.“I have not tested a single product by Rockwell Labs I did not like,” says Towle. He’s been a customer of Rockwell Labs since he watched founder and CEO Dr. Cisse Spragins demonstrate the company’s first product, the D-Sect IPM Station, in 2000. Rockwell Labs’ products have been key to Spectrum Pest Control’s success. “CimeXa Dust and EcoVia Botanicals have enabled me to corner the natural services market in my area,” says Towle.

EcoVia EC is Towle’s “go-to product for quick knockdown,” and plays an important role in his liquid bed bug strategy. He uses EcoVia WD for void applications, and praises its performance as a natural residual surface product.

But the biggest asset to Spectrum Pest Control has been CimeXa Dust. According to Towle, the insecticide “has changed the rules in bed bug control.”After years of frustration of having inconsistent results in his bed bug treatments, Towle began using CimeXa Dust — and found he could achieve effective results while using less product.CimeXa Dust’s engineered silica composition is designed to quickly kill bed bug adults, nymphs, and nymphs hatched from dusted eggs, including pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs. The product is also odorless, non-staining and non-repellent.Towle has used CimeXa to handle several large jobs, including quarterly applications at a commercial facility with nearly 1,000 beds. The building is in an area of Chicago that Towle says is prone to difficult bed bug infestations. During each treatment, Towle and his technicians “carefully inject CimeXa into the hundreds of crevices per wooden bunk bed.” After five years, he has seen several dead bed bugs, but has yet to see a single live bed bug in the crevices. “Nothing has been as reliable against resistant bed bugs as CimeXa Dust,” Towle concludes. Pest Control puts Rockwell Labs products to the test Family-owned pest management company finds reliable bed bug treatment with CimeXa Dust.