Good Products, Good People, Good Service

Waynes Pest Control

As its name implies, Wayne’s Environmental Services focuses on providing environmentally friendly service to its pest management customers. Based in Birmingham, AL, the team has known — and trusted — their Rockwell Labs representative, Tom Nay, for many years. “We began using products from Rockwell Labs around the time Tom Nay went to work for them, around 2009,” recalls Tim Kendrick, the termite technical leader for Wayne’s. “Tom’s attention to detail and willingness to help us as a customer convinced us to try Rockwell’s products.”

Wayne’s was pleased with the products’ performance, Kendrick says: “In fact, the InVite Lure and InVade product lines have been effective in virtually eliminating some persistent problems for us. We have had some sensitive accounts where we used these products and received amazing results.” Currently, Kendrick and his team are testing the InTice 10 Perimeter Bait in a chemical rotation on some of their quarterly pest accounts. “In a bait product, we look for a broad label with a wide range of target pests,” he explains. “InTice 10 meets both of these criteria. Early results are showing good efficacy.” InTice 10 is currently labeled for up to 90 days of outdoor efficacy against cockroaches, carpenter ants and other ant species, crickets, earwigs, silverfish, millipedes, sow bugs and mole crickets. Its 10 percent boric acid bait granules do not require applicants to don personal protective equipment (California state regulations may differ). Nay’s assistance in troubleshooting difficult accounts has been another big benefit to being a Rockwell customer, says Kendrick. “Tom has gone with some of our field professionals to a few of our more difficult accounts, and has helped us identify the potential cause of some of the pest problems, as well as suggest effective treatment options,” he says.

In addition, Kendrick says, Nay and the Rockwell staff have helped Wayne’s educate its customers on the important role sanitation plays in an integrated pest management (IPM) program. “Wayne’s is constantly looking for ways to be as environmentally responsible as possible with the use of pesticides and other products,” Kendrick says, “and Rockwell has given us more choices now than we have ever had before to be ‘green.’ We look forward to working with the folks at Rockwell for many years to come.”