Rockwell Helps PMP Land Commercial Accounts

Pestmaster Services

Gabe Mata, who co-owns the Houston franchise of PestMaster Services with his wife, Jinny, has been using Rockwell Labs products for the past four years. But he does more than just perform quality treatments with them. He leverages the bioremediation and microbial aspects of Rockwell products when marketing to commercial accounts. “They have been very effective in our sales presentations when we are preparing estimates for commercial facilities,” Mata explains. “We are able to present our team not just as pest management professionals, but also as sanitation consultants.”

As an example, Mata points to a local restaurant chain where his team has integrated three of Rockwell’s sanitation and pest management products, to great success. Each of the restaurants features concrete floors, which over time absorbed grease and turned dark as a result. “After six weeks of regular use of InVade Mop Clean, the floors are no longer greasy and have returned to a lighter color,” he reports. “It also looks cleaner and smells a lot better. The drains have cleared up and also look much cleaner.” The product is a premium blend of microbes, citrus oil and other cleaners for daily mopping and hard surface cleaning no other cleaners needed.

EcoVia IB Bloks contain a blend of botanical insecticide oils in a pleasantly scented block form, emitting insecticidal vapors that repel insects from an area and can kill insects in smaller enclosed spaces. The vapor release is enhanced when the Bloks slowly dissolve in water, such as when placed in beverage fountain drip trays or drains. Within days of placing EcoVia IB in all of the fountain drink grates, fruit fly activity has essentially ceased at the Texas restaurant chain.

BorActin contains 99 percent boric acid and kills a wide range of crawling insects and small flies. It is not negatively affected by the use of bleach or disinfectants by the account. “The German cockroach activity has diminished substantially, ever since we were able to get into the hard-to-reach areas with the non-repellent dust,” Mata says. His team also used the 4-oz. mop packets.

Of course, Mata and his five employee team use Rockwell Labs products successfully in residential accounts, too. Homeowners like the pleasant scent and low toxicity aspect of the product line. But the restaurant chain is representative of the many commercial accounts whose reputation PestMaster Services of Houston has helped get back on track. “In some cases, there are accounts that we take over from other companies that could not help the situation,” Mata says, noting that while a pest management firm can make recommendations for sanitation and cleanliness, it’s often difficult to get an account to take action. Rockwell’s products help control pests and keep the premises clean, he adds. “The products have given us a greater opportunity to provide a wider range of services to commercial facilities that you don’t find in the common, everyday pest control company,” he concludes.