New InVade Bio Sanitation Technical Guide – The Blueprint for Pursuing Sanitation Business Successfully

NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo., December 2021- North Kansas City, Mo., November 6 2020 – Rockwell Labs recently revised their InVade Bio Sanitation Treatment Protocol technical guide, which will be published as an insert in the October 2020 issue of PCT magazine.  The guide provides pest management professionals a detailed overview of how to utilize the wide array of InVade bio sanitation products for cleaning commercial facilities and kitchens with chronic moisture and organic debris issues.  The InVade range of probiotic cleaners will address sanitation needs most effectively and in a “green” manner since they utilize naturally occurring soil microbes to digest organic matter and eliminate odors. This new technical guide provides pest management professionals the playbook on how to use the proven power of InVade Technology, along with the application methods described in the guide, to pursue sanitation business with confidence.  The guide is also available to download on the Rockwell website (Resources section), or ask your local Rockwell technical representative for a copy.