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NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo., January 31, 2022 Heifer International’s mission is “to end hunger and poverty in a sustainable way by supporting and investing alongside local famers and their communities.” Through donations of livestock, seeds, and mentorship, the Heifer Project has helped 50 million people worldwide. These donations create sources of income for families, resulting in change now and for future generations. Heifer International places an emphasis on protecting environmental resources.

Rockwell Labs donated 50 beehives, as well as food baskets and garden seeds through the Heifer Project. The gift of beehives provides families with income through the sale of honey, wax, and pollen. The bees also aid in pollination helping to support the growth of crops. Food baskets help to fight hunger, ensuring families have nutritional meals. Providing families with garden seeds leads to long-lasting change. Families can support themselves and pass on a portion of their production to help their communities.

For more information about Heifer International and their work, check out their website.