Pursue a Bio Sanitation Business with Confidence: Using The Cleaning Power of Microbes!

Pursue a Bio Sanitation Business with Confidence: Using The Cleaning Power of Microbes!

The presence of chronic moisture and organic matter create special challenges for sanitation in commercial facilities. If left unaddressed, these problems can result in nuisance at best, and threats to health and safety at worst. Food and garbage areas are the primary problem spots, but areas like public toilets and showers, and animal areas are also a challenge. Wash down and wet mopping tends to push food and other organic matter and moisture into cracks and crevices where it builds up, often making problems worse.

Sanitation in these facilities can be addressed most effectively and in a green manner with the InVade range of probiotic cleaners. InVade products utilize naturally occurring soil microbes that digest organic matter like fats, oils and grease (also known as FOG), carbohydrates, proteins, cellulose and urea. The microbe spores activate and multiply when in contact with their food supply (the organic debris). It also eliminates odors by decomposing the organic debris that is the source of the odors. Setting up a professional and highly effective bio sanitation program using the InVade products is very straightforward and easy to do, so service companies can pursue bio sanitation with confidence.

The Core System of InVade Products:
For Use in the Initial Cleanout Service & Regular Maintenance Service

The core system of InVade products needed for floor level treatments are Bio Foam, Bio Cleaner and Bio Bullet. These three products are the foundation of an effective bio sanitation service program.

  • InVade Bio Foam is the single most effective product for eliminating organic build-up and odors in commercial kitchens and food processing facilities. The super-concentrated foaming formula contains a blend of premium, natural microbes, citrus oil and a foaming agent. It is designed to work with a Foamer Simpson pump-up sprayer or a power foamer for applications. The foam coats areas with organic build-up to provide the microbes longer contact time.

  • InVade Bio Cleaner is a versatile 4-in-1 cleaning agent for mopping, spraying, foaming and drain treatment. It also contains powerful microbes and citrus oil and a foaming agent. It can be used as part of the regular maintenance service instead of Bio Foam (Bio Foam should be used for the initial foam treatment and maintenance treatments as needed). It also provides a great add-on sales opportunities for use by customers in between scheduled service visits.

  • InVade Bio Bullets are solid blocks laden with high concentrations of powerful microbes that slowly dissolve and release the microbes as water runs over them. They are ideal for continuous treatment without the need for equipment in areas with difficult organic problems like grease traps, drains and condensation pans.

A Typical Bio Sanitation Service Protocol

For the Initial Cleanout Service, all that is needed is the InVade Bio Foam concentrate, water and a foamer like Foamer Simpson.

  • Apply Bio Foam liberally to all dirty, scummy areas other than food contact surfaces. This includes under and behind equipment, around equipment legs, baseboards, under counters, at floor wall junctions, on the outside of beverage feed line bundles, beverage drip trays, trash receptacles, in drains, and any areas with organic debris build-up. The product should be left undisturbed as long as possible to let the foam slowly dissipate to give the microbes maximum contact time with the organic debris. Therefore, there is no need to do any wash down.

  • For this initial cleanout service in a typical restaurant kitchen, you should budget 1 to 2 hours of labor and 4 to 8 oz of the Bio Foam concentrate (1 to 2 gallons diluted).

For the Regular Monthly Service (monthly is ideal as a standard service interval in all types of commercial food accounts), maintenance will require about half the time and material as the initial cleanout, as a rule of thumb. The InVade Bio Cleaner can be used in lieu of Bio Foam for maintenance service.

For Continuous Drain Cleaning and/or Grease Trap Remediation, install the InVade Bio Bullets. Bio Bullets come in 4 different sizes to handle a variety of difficult organic problems:

  • 5 lb Bullets are perfect for large grease traps to reduce pump outs and odors
  • 1 lb Bullets are ideal for small grease traps and interceptors and for placing in large collection drains
  • 100 g Bullets and 50 g Bullets can be used just about anywhere with chronic moisture such as beverage fountain trays, condensation pans under ice machines, in or on top of smaller floor drains, and in urinals

The Complete System of InVade Products:
For Use in Service Visits and/or Add-on Sales Opportunities

The complete system of InVade products include an assortment of microbial products that can used when servicing accounts, and/or provide great add-on sales opportunities for accounts to use in between scheduled service visits.

    • InVade Bio Cleaner – For accounts with a lot of floor level problems like missing grout, floor cracks and peeling baseboards, sell them InVade Bio Cleaner for regular use in their mop water or right from the sprayer bottle.
    • InVade Mop Clean – Sell your customers InVade Mop Clean packets, pre-measured for use in standard mop buckets. Ideally instruct the customer to use Mop Clean daily as it comes in a dispenser box with 32 packets for a one-month supply. At minimum, have your customer use it twice a week

  • InVade Bio Drain – Bio Drain is a specialized thickened gel drain cleaner that clings to the sides of drains. It can be used for microbial drain treatments when servicing accounts, or sell it to your customers for regular drain treatments between scheduled service visits.

  • InVade Hot Spot+ – Hot Spot+ is essentially Bio Foam in a ready-to-use aerosol can, which is perfect for quick microbial treatments in chronically moist areas with organic build-up such as cracks/crevices on floors and around baseboards, around equipment, and in drains and voids. Given its ease-of-use, Hot Spot+ is a great product for an add-on sales opportunity.

  • InVade Bio Zap – Bio Zap is a versatile, ready-to-use microbe-based liquid spray that quickly eliminates organic odors at the source. It can be used for carpets, walls and fabrics, and may also be used in garbage receptacles and restrooms. And is yet another great product for an add-on sales opportunity

For Accounts with Chronic Organic Debris Build-Up in Drain Lines:
A Programmable Injection System

For accounts that need continuous, metered dosing of concentrated microbial solution to drain lines, the InVade Power Dose is the answer. InVade Power Dose is a programmable, compact, battery-operated dispenser that injects one dose of the highly concentrated InVade microbial formula per cycle. The continuous dosing of the drain line maximizes the effectiveness of the microbes. The easy-to-replace cartridges makes servicing the dispenser units simple and quick. A full cartridge holds approximately a 30-day dosing supply of microbial solution. The dispensing units are easy to install, and their compact size allows for flexible installation close to where continuous drain treatment is needed.