Turning Filth To Clean With Green

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The buildup of grease and microscopic food material was so thick that the white wall beneath the sink had turned orange. The lid on a trashcan in which staff dumped every kind of waste imaginable was also caked with grease and organic matter, attracting cockroaches and filth flies. And it stank. It was one of the nastiest restaurant kitchens Jennifer Leggett had ever seen. Luckily, the president and owner of Lindsey Pest Services in Jacksonville, Fla., was carrying a powerful weapon in her arsenal: InVade Bio Foam by Rockwell Labs. Leggett and her team foamed the wall and trashcan lid with InVade Bio Foam. The effect was instantaneous. “As the foam went down the wall, it turned the orange film to white,” Leggett recalls. “Once the surfaces were clean, we were able to apply baits.”

Removing debris: InVade Bio Foam contains powerful, natural microbes that digest and eliminate the organic gunk, including fats, oils and grease, protein, carbohydrates and urea. As an added bonus, they eliminate organic odors at the source. In a commercial kitchen, InVade Bio Foam can be applied in drains, beverage equipment and other machinery cracks, along baseboards, under counters and around dishwashers. Lindsey Pest Services also uses another Rockwell product, InVade Bio Bullets, to clean grease traps. The product contains bacteria that consume organic material like sludge, fats, oils and grease. Lindsey technicians, after treating a kitchen with Bio Foam and Bio Bullets, sell InVade Bio Cleaner to restaurant customers for use in mop water. Bio Cleaner’s microscopic probiotics continue to gobble organic matter long after the team is done with their treatment. Leggett likes all the InVade products not only because they are effective. They’re also nontoxic green products that smell nice. Leggett praises Dr. Cisse Spragins, a Pest Management Professional Hall of Famer (Class of 2018) who founded Rockwell Labs and today is the company’s owner and CEO. “She’s fantastic, brilliant,” Leggett says of Dr. Spragins. “She has developed some marvelous products.”

More tools in the toolbox: Lindsey Pest Services uses several other Rockwell products, including: CimeXa Insecticide Dust. Leggett has found that CimeXa is ideal for battling bed bugs. Only a light film of the product is needed. It’s odorless and the residual can last up to 10 years if not disturbed. “CimeXa is a ground-up silica gel that dehydrates the bed bug when they crawl through it — and a dried-out bug is a dead bug,” Leggett points out. Leggett places CimeXa inside wall voids, underneath furniture, between the mattress and box spring, and behind baseboards if possible. It also works in garages for flea control. “Bed bugs, fleas and silverfish don’t have a resistance to CimeXa,” Leggett reports. “And I love that it’s a green product.” InVict Xpress Granular Bait. This product kills ants, cockroaches, crickets, mole crickets, silverfish, firebrats and earwigs within one hour of application. Pests are drawn to it as a tasty treat. Leggett places InVict Xpress in attics and around buildings to attack perimeter pests. “The insects love it, and it works really well on silverfish,” Leggett says. “It’s easy to use and it’s a clean product, not dusty or messy.” FenvaStar Plus. This emulsifiable concentrate has a fast knockdown and lasting residual that kills a wide variety of pests. “This is another product we use on fleas,” Leggett says. “It’s a contact product, the fleas crawl through it. It’s very effective.”


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