Resources Available from Rockwell Labs

Choosing the right product is only half the battle when it comes to pest management. It is important to have access to quality information and educational resources. Rockwell Labs offers several resources to help ensure your efforts are successful and your customers are happy. Check out the different resources available to you on our website.

Technical Guides

Our technical guides and service protocols provide information to help you confidently and effectively handle pest and bio-sanitation problems. The guides are beneficial whether you are treating residential or commercial accounts. You can find information about common pests, products, and application tips to guarantee effective results.

Our technical guide topics include:

  • Ant Management
  • Bed Bug Control
  • Cockroach Management (English and Spanish versions available)
  • Mosquito Management
  • EcoVia Botanicals (Benefits and Science of Botanical Insecticides)
  • Flea & Tick Management
  • InVade Bio Sanitation Treatment Protocol
  • Overwintering Pests
  • Perimeter Pest Control
  • Small Fly Management
  • Choosing the Appropriate Dust

You can read, download, and print any of our technical guides. If you would prefer a hard copy, contact your Rockwell Labs technical rep and they will be able to assist you.


If you are seeking information about our products or service training, our videos are a great resource. The video section is comprised of three categories including:

  • Company and Product Overview Video: This video provides background information about Rockwell Labs. You can also familiarize yourself with our different product lines.
  • Product/Treatment Videos: These videos contain detailed information about our products and equipment. You can also view videos that explain application protocols and the ideal products to use for specific pest problems.
  • Educational/Training Videos: Our educational and training videos offer additional information to help you deal with pest problems. You can find information about green and conventional protocols, pursuing a bio sanitation business, tips for choosing the right products, and product application tips (to name a few).

Printed Literature

Our printed literature section contains other product-related information. You’ll be able to view the Rockwell Labs product catalog, which provides detailed information about available products and product codes.

Other literature includes information about:

  • The InVade product line
  • SeptiTreat
  • EcoVia EC
  • Invict Xpress
  • The Spanish InTice 10 product sheet

These can be viewed, downloaded, and printed.

Quick Tip Sheets

For a quick but helpful read, you can view our quick tip sheets. These pack a lot of information into easy one page reference sheets. They highlight various pest treatment protocols and provide information about our products.

Our quick tip sheet topics include:

  • Ultimate 2-Step Perimeter Protection
  • Top 10 Reasons Why You Need InTice 10
  • Spring Foraging Ant Baiting Product Guide
  • Get Control of Small Flies, Turn the Scum into Bait
  • 10 Reasons Why CimeXa Should Be Your Go-To Bed Bug Product
  • Cockroach Bait Rotation Prevents Bait Aversion
  • Get Lightning-Fast Results for Active Infestations
  • Monitoring Solutions for Stored Product Pests
  • Cockroach Resistance. Diversify Your Plan of Attack!
  • The Most Advanced Botanical Concentrate Formulation for Mosquito & Tick Control
  • Get Into the Green Scene with Rockwell’s Green Zone Products
  • Innovative Bait Formulation Technology for Superior Efficacy Against Ants

Product Documentation

This section includes important reference information and documentation related to various Rockwell products regarding organic use classifications, specifications, NSF registrations, and statements.  

Documentation includes:

  • National Organic Program Statement: This document certifies that the products listed meet the requirements of the USDA National Organic Program (NOP). These products can be used for pests on organic crops, organic livestock, and in and around organic processing facilities.
  • InVade Bio Sanitation Specifications: The specifications document discusses the microbial blend used in our InVade Bio Sanitation products, how the microbes work, why the strains chosen are the most effective at fighting organic build-up, and end product specifications for the InVade product line.  
  • InVade Bio Cleaner NSF Registration: This document verifies the NSF registration of InVade Bio Cleaner and outlines the acceptable uses of the product. NSF Registration Number 141413.
  • InVade Bio Drain NSF Registration: This document verifies the NSF registration of InVade Bio Drain and outlines the acceptable uses of the product. NSF Registration Number 141412.
  • InVade Bio Sanitation Food Processing Facility Usage Statement: Food Processing Facilities Including USDA Inspected Meat and Poultry Plants and National Organic Program Compliant Processing Facilities. You can find information about our InVade Bio Sanitation product line in this document. It provides information about the safety and efficacy of the products, registration information, use directions, and guidelines for using products in organic facilities.
  • InVade Non-Pathogenic Statement: This document states that the Bacillus spp. microbial spores found in our InVade Bio Sanitation products are nonpathogenic and safe to plants, animals, aquatic life, and humans when used as directed. You can also find general guidelines for using the products as well.

Ingredient & Product Reference Materials

This section includes information about ingredients used in our products, Rockwell’s “Green Zone” product designations, product “Hazard Tier” designations, as well as additional product reference materials.

Reference materials include:

  • What is Amorphous Silica?: Our CimeXa Insecticide Dust contains 92.1% silicon dioxide as synthetic amorphous silica. This document provides information about amorphous silica including safety information.
  • PEP Allergen Information: Our EcoVia insecticides contain 2-Phenylethyl Propionate (PEP), which is found in plants and peanuts. PEP does not contribute to the allergic reactions associated with peanuts. This information is outlined in this document.
  • What Does Green Zone & Green Zone Brand Mean?: Some of our products have green zone and green zone brand logos on their labels. These logos identify products that we find suitable for a green service offering. For more information, you can visit this page.
  • Green Zone Product List: You can find a list of our products with a green zone logo that we consider suitable for green service offerings.
  • Product Hazard Tier Evaluations for USGBC LEED®-EBOM Programs: Our product hazard tier evaluations provide the active ingredients, EPA registration numbers (when applicable), and the hazard assessment for our products.
  • Borate Hazard Tiers: InVade Products: This document provides detailed information about the LEED® hazard tier rating for our borate-based products. It explains why these products are classified as Tier III, which is the least-toxic or lowest concern category.
  • Microbes vs Enzymes: Microbes and enzymes are sometimes used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. Microbes produce enzymes that digest organic matter. This document highlights the advantages of using microbial products over enzyme-only products.
  • Statement on Usage of PFAS: This statement verifies that Rockwell Labs products are not formulated with PFAS or PFAS-based products.

BorActin 2ee Label: Recommendation to Control Fruit Flies and Phorid Flies

This section contains our FIFRA Section 2(ee) recommendation for our BorActin insecticide powder. The recommendation is made in accordance to FIFRA Section 2(ee). This section outlines circumstances when a pesticide can be used in a manner that is not specifically listed on the label. Our recommendation includes information for using BorActin to treat fruit flies and phorid flies. If using the product in accordance to the recommendation, some states require PMPs to have this document with them.  


EcoVia MT Supplemental Label & EcoVia EC & MT Application Calculator

Following application guidelines can help ensure pest control efforts are successful. These label addendums will help you determine the best application rates when using EcoVia MT and EcoVia EC.

  • EcoVia MT Supplemental Label: Our supplemental label provides dilution charts and supplemental application recommendations. It includes dilution rates for mosquito, tick, and fly control using coarse sprays and backpack sprayers as well as rates for backpack misters, cold/ULV foggers, and other portable misting devices. For best results, we recommend following the application guidelines.
  • EcoVia EC & MT Application Rate Calculator: This form can be filled out to calculate application rates for EcoVia EC & EcoVia MT. You’ll be able to find results for spraying, fogging, and ULV misting applications.

Current Promotions

Our promotions section is where you can find information about any active product promotions. Details are outlined on information sheets that you can view and download. You can also contact your Rockwell Technical Representative for more information.

Having access to educational resources enables you to confidently serve your customers. Our resources are designed to help you effectively treat pest and bio-sanitation problems. Whether you’re looking for technical guides, videos, or current promotions, Rockwell Labs has you covered.