A Winning Combination of Efficacy and Versatility Against a Broad Spectrum of Crawling & Flying Insect Pests

EcoVia EC Product Codes:

  • EVEC016: 16 fl oz tip-n-measure bottle
  • EVEC064: 64 fl oz tip-n-measure bottle
  • EVEC030: 30 gallon drum
  • EVEC055: 55 gallon drum

Research-Based Botanical Insecticide, EPA Minimum-Risk Product

Highly Effective, Broad Spectrum Product

Extensively tested in the lab and proven in the real world.

Botanical Oils in EcoVia EC were Specifically Chosen for Their Efficacy on a Wide Range of Crawling and Flying Insects

Delivers Quick Knockdown/Kill and Residual Repellency

No Pyrethroid or Neonicotinoid Use Restrictions

The ultimate in application flexibility.

May Be Used Near and Over Water

Such as around boat docks and marshy areas.

Broad Label with Indoor and Outdoor Use, Including Livestock Facilities

Excellent for Mosquito and Tick Applications

Softer Fragrance and More Gentle on Equipment

Than some essential oil pesticides.

Mixes Easily and Stays in Solution

Green Zone™ Product

EPA exempt pesticide. Suitable for green service programs.