Novel Insecticide Block for Enclosed Space Fumigation and Specific Site Repellency. Perfect for Small Fly Control and Repellency in Food Areas.

EcoVia IB Product Codes:

  • EVIB036: 36 x 50 g beverage tray bloks
  • EVIB015: 15 x 100 g bloks

A Blend of Powerful Botanical Insecticide Oils in an Innovative Block Form

Research-Based Botanical Insecticide, EPA Exempt 25(b) Product

Innovative and Unique, the First Product of Its Kind

Emits insecticidal vapors that repel insects from an area and can kill insects in smaller enclosed spaces.

Vapor Release Enhanced With Water

Enhanced when the Bloks slowly dissolve in water, such as beverage fountain drip trays or drains.

Ideal for Repelling Small Flies

Such as fruit flies from beer taps, drains and other problem areas.

Perfect for Enclosed Space Fumigation

Repels ants and other insects from electrical boxes, trash cans and other enclosed spaces.

Can be Used in Conjunction with InVade Bio Bullets to Provide Bio Sanitation

Green Zone™ Product

EPA exempt pesticide. Suitable for green service programs.