EcoVia MT

Specially Formulated Botanical Concentrate for Quick Control & Residual Repellency Against  Mosquitoes & Ticks

EcoVia MT Product Codes:

  • EVMT016: 16 oz tip-n-measure bottle
  • EVMT064: 64 oz tip-n-measure bottle
  • EVMT030: 30 gallon drum
  • EVMT055: 55 gallon drum

Research-Based Botanical Insecticide, EPA Exempt 25(b) Product

Provides Quick Kill Control and Residual Repellency

Against mosquitoes, ticks and flies.

Concentrated Formula with Low Use Rates

0.33 oz/gal for mosquitoes and deer ticks.

No Water Set-Back Restrictions

Can be applied up to the water’s edge.

No Pyrethroid or Neonicotinoid Use Restrictions

The ultimate in application flexibility.

For Use in Compressed Air Sprayers, Mist Blowers and Foggers

Mixes Easily and Stays in Solution

Like a traditional synthetic Insecticide.

Can be Used Outdoors, and in Unfinished Indoor Areas such as Attics, Basements, Garages and Sheds

Pleasant Scent. Non-Irritating

Green Zone™ Product

EPA exempt pesticide. Suitable for green service programs.