Highly Effective Botanical Insecticide that Provides Quick Control and Residual Protection When Used as a Dust or Wettable Powder

EcoVia WD Product Codes:

  • EVWD008: 8 oz puffer bottle
  • EVWD002: 2 lb pail

Research-Based Botanical Insecticide, EPA Exempt 25(b) Product

Highly Effective, Broad Spectrum Insecticide

Created through extensive scientific research and has been proven in the real world.

Delivers Quick Knockdown/Kill and Residual Repellency

Versatile Formula For Use as a Wettable Powder or Dust

Broad Label Includes Indoor, Outdoor and Livestock Facilities

Perfect For Spraying on Boat Docks and Other Sensitive Areas for Spider Control

Great for Dusting Attics and Spraying Entry Points to Repel Occasional Invaders

No Pyrethroid or Neonicotinoid Use Restrictions

The ultimate in application flexibility.

Green Zone™ Product

EPA exempt pesticide. Suitable for green service programs.