FenvaStar Plus

A Quality, Highly Concentrated EC Formulation with the Proven Performance of 8.4% Esfenvalerate

FenvaStar Plus Product Code:

  • LGFP016: 16 fl oz tip-n-measure bottle

A Higher Concentration Means Greater Value

Over 2x more gallons of finished spray per pint of concentrate compared to a similar market leading product.

Superior Performance: Fast Knockdown and Lasting Residual Effectiveness

Independent lab testing shows excellent efficacy on a wide variety of pests vs. similar competing products.

Flexible Label for Indoor & Outdoor Use

For structural (including broadcast carpet and ULV treatments), lawn/turf (for fleas/ticks) and food service.

Ultra-Low VOC Formula and Low Odor

Petroleum-free. 3% VOC compared to over 50% with other EC’s on the market.

May be Diluted with Water or Oil

Mixes Easily Without Seperating

Manufactured by LG Chem

A supplier of high quality active ingredients and formulated products.