A Highly Effective and Economical Choice for Outstanding Control of Normal and Bait Adverse Cockroaches

InTice Roach Bait Product Code:

  • IRBP535: Box of 5, 35 g syringes with plunger

Highly Attractive Soft Paste

That will remain palatable between extended service intervals.

Formulated with 30% Boric Acid and Premium Food Ingredients


Will not run even in hot temperatures.

Free of Peanut Ingredients for Sensitive Applications

Such as food manufacturers, schools, child care and health care.

Labeled for Use in Both Food and Non-Food Areas, Including Organic Certified Facilities

Perfect for Use in "Green" Services Where Only Natural Products are Desired 

And for use in lower margin accounts such as multi-family.

Green Zone™ Brand

Mineral-based active ingredient. Suitable for green service programs.

Currently Registered in AL, AZ, GA, NC, SC and TN.