InVade Bio Cleaner

A 4-in-1 Cleaning Agent for Mopping, Spraying, Foaming and Drain Treatment

InVade Bio Cleaner Product Codes:

  • IBCC032: 1 quart bottle with foaming spray top
  • IBCC128: 1 gallon jug (32 applications), pump top available
  • IBCC005: 5 gallon pail with pour spout (160 applications), pump top available
  • IBCC055: 55 gallon drum

The Ultimate Green Cleaner that Works More Effectively than Simple Chemical Cleaners

In areas of chronic moisture and organic matter.

The Powerful Probiotics Actually Digest Organic Matter

The microbe spores activate when in contact with their food source (organic debris).

May Be Used in Manual Spray Applicators, Power Sprayers, Hose-End Sprayers, Foamers or Mop Applicators

Ideal for Commercial Kitchens, Dumpster Pads and Outdoor Dining Areas

Works Great in Cracks and Crevices, and Void Areas Eliminating Organic Build-Up and Odors

Other Treatment Sites Include Restrooms, Public Showers, Kennels, Collection Pits, Droppings and General Organic Waste Treatment

Contains No Harsh Chemicals or Fumes

Will Not Harm Septic Systems or Municipal Water Treatment Operations

Green Zone™ Product

Suitable for green service programs.