InVade Bio Drain

Thickened Probiotic Gel Cleaning Formula For Direct Application to Drains

InVade Bio Drain Product Codes:

  • IBDC032: 1 quart bottle (8 applications)
  • IBDC128: 1 gallon jug (32 applications)
  • IBDC005: 5 gallon pail (160 applications)
  • IBDC055: 55 gallon drum

The Ultimate Green Cleaner That Works More Effectively Than Simple Chemical Cleaners

In areas of chronic moisture and organic matter.

Contains Premium, Natural Microbes and Citrus Oil

For efficient cleaning and odor elimination.

The Powerful Probiotics Actually Digest Organic Matter

The microbe spores activate when in contact with their food source (organic debris).

Specialized Thickened Formula Clings to the Sides of Drains Providing Maximum Contact

Thick coating action enhances digestion of scum and elimination of odors.

Works Great in Beverage Fountain Drip Tray Lines

Eats away the “sugar snake” that typically clogs lines.

Multiple Uses: May Also Be Used with Power Sprayers, Hose-End Sprayers and Mopping Applications

Contains No Harsh Chemicals or Fumes

Will Not Harm Septic Systems or Municipal Water Treatment Operations

Green Zone™ Product

Suitable for green service programs.