InVite Fruit Fly Trap

Natural, Non-Pesticidal Trap for Fruit Flies and Other Small Flies

InVite Fruit Fly Trap Product Code:

  • IFFT012: Case of 12 traps and two 16 oz bottles of InVite Liquid Lure

For Convenient and Discreet Fruit Fly Trapping

An effective leave-behind tool.

Innovative and Unique Two-Part Lure System

Liquid in the bottle activates the powder in a capsule that is preloaded in the trap.

Captures Small Flies, Including the Difficult to Control Dark-Eyed Fruit Flies and Phorid Flies

Safe for Use in Food Areas

Non-Toxic, Non-Pesticidal Formula

Designed to be Placed in Any Orientation

Including upside down on the underside of counters or tables with no spills.

Clear Backing Makes Monitoring Quick and Easy

The Trap may be Lightly Sprayed with a Microcap

To kill flies that are attracted but may not enter the trap.

Green Zone™ Product

Suitable for green service programs.