InVite Liquid Lure

Liquid Attractant for Yellow Jackets and Small Flies

InVite Liquid Lure Product Codes:

  • ILLC016: 16 fl oz bottle
  • ILLC005: 5 gallon pail

A Versatile and Economical Attractant

Efficiently and effectively attracts and traps or kills small flies and yellow jackets.

Attracts Yellow Jackets, European Hornets, Fruit Flies, Drain Flies and Phorid Flies

For Use Indoors and Outdoors

Concentrated Non-Pesticidal Formula

For Trapping Applications

1-4 oz of InVite Liquid Lure can be used with jar traps. Traps can be lightly sprayed with a microcap to increase the efficacy.

Increases Effectiveness of Light Traps for Fruit Flies

Place 2 oz of InVite™ Liquid Lure into a portion cup and set inside or on trap.

Green Zone™ Product

Suitable for green service programs.