InVite Moth Lure Gel

Broad Use Pantry Moth Attractant Generates Outstanding Results through its Unique Gelled-Oil Technology

InVite Moth Lure Gel Product Code:

  • IMLG012: single 12 dose mini-syringe

Unique Gelled-Oil Technology Protects the Pheromones Before Release

Provides a more controlled and uniform release over time after applying.

Attracts Plodia, Ephestia, Indian Meal, Tobacco, Almond, Mediterranean Flour and Raisin Moths

Non-Toxic, Non-Pesticidal Formula

Effective up to 90 days.

Easy-to-Use, 12-Dose Mini-Syringe

With convenient dosage markings on the tube.

Can Be Applied to Glueboards of Any Shape or Size

For Discreet Trapping in Areas Such as Retail Stores

Lure can be placed in a D-Sect™ IPM Station.

For High-Volume Trapping in Dusty Areas

Lure can be placed in a Yellow PFT™ Station and water put in the cup with a drop of dish soap.

Green Zone™ Product

Suitable for green service programs.