PFT Hanging Station

Yellow Hanging Station for Baiting, Trapping and Monitoring Flying Insects!

PFT Hanging Station Product Codes:

  • PFTY012: 12 stations with cups and hanging wires
  • PFTC050: 50 replacement cups

Versatile, Multi-Configurable Station

For baiting, trapping and monitoring flying insects.

Durable, Tamper-Resistant Construction


No tools or special keys needed to remove cover.

Removable Molded-In Aperture Disc

Allows for multiple opening sizes, enabling the capture of most flying insects.

Utilizes a Standard 16 oz Drink Cup for Containment

Just replace the cup when it becomes full or dirty.

Works Great with InVite™ Lures

And can be wiped or sprayed with a microencapsulated insecticide such as FenvaStar™ EcoCap™ to create a killing station.

Also Compatible with Poison Baits for Flying Insects