Using Bait Stations for Bait Placements


Liquid, gel, and granular insecticide baits provide pest management professionals important treatment options for the control of many crawling pests. Baits have some key advantages over other types of insecticides. However, for many types of applications, they should be placed in a protective device (i.e., station) to reduce the possibility of exposure and/or accessibility to the bait material, particularly indoors. Bait stations are designed to prevent accidental exposure to baits and also protect the bait from moisture, dust, dirt, and other unfavorable conditions to prolong the effectiveness of the bait. Bait stations also project a more professional service versus random gel and liquid bait placements. There are different types of bait stations available that are designed to work with different types of baits and for various placement locations.

Bait stations offered by Rockwell Labs include:

D-Sect IPM Station

The D-Sect IPM Station is a patented and discreet bait station designed for baiting, monitoring, trapping, and killing insect pests. These stations work with liquid, gel, and granular baits. D-Sect Custom Glueboards can also be used for monitoring insect pests. The stations can be placed indoors and in protected areas outdoors for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. The station’s tamper-resistant design allows target pests easy access to the bait while keeping children and pets out. The stations protect the glueboards from dust and are durable, ensuring they won’t get crushed. The keyless entry allows for fast servicing, and the knockout holes make reapplying bait easy.

BaitPlate Station

The BaitPlate Station is a sturdy and versatile station that holds gel, granular, and liquid baits. It is smaller than the D-Sect station and is ideal for baiting ants, cockroaches, and other crawling insects. The stations have dual bait compartments, allowing for the use of multiple baits in one station. The ramped entry gives pests easy access to the bait. Its lid includes an adjustable tab, making it perfect for both large and small insects. The BaitPlate Stations keep the bait contained and protected from the elements. The stations can be easily refilled or removed and can be mounted flat or vertically. They fit inside the D-Sect IPM Station and work well with our InVict Advanced Baits and InTice Borate Baits.

InTice Border Patrol System

The InTice Border Patrol System is a durable above ground station perfect for setting up a protective perimeter defense against ants. It integrates with the InTice Gelanimo Ant Bait 4 oz cup. After removing the lid from the cup, it can simply be placed into the station. Granular baits, like InTice 10 Perimeter Bait, can also be used in the station. Crawling insects have access to the bait through the four downward facing openings under the lid. The InTice Border Patrol System protects the bait from moisture and keeps it fresher for a longer duration. It also helps to ensure children, pets, and non-target insects don’t have access to the bait. Its keyless, snap-on lid design makes servicing easy.

PFT Station

The PFT Stations are durable, versatile, and ideal for baiting, trapping, and monitoring pests in commercial and residential environments. The PFT In-Ground Station works well with liquid and granular baits. It is ideal for high-volume liquid ant baiting. The station is discreet and easy to service. The baiting cup can be removed without needing to remove the station from the ground. The design helps to minimize evaporation of the bait and keeps debris and excess moisture out. The PFT Hanging Station can be used for baiting, trapping, and monitoring flying insects. It works well with our InVite Lures. The station’s removable molded-in aperture disc allows for multiple opening sizes to capture most flying insects. The station utilizes a standard 16 oz drink cup that can be easily replaced when it becomes full or dirty.

Insecticide baits, whether they are gels, liquids, or granules, can be very effective against a variety of pests. The inclusion of bait stations with bait placements can make your baiting efforts more efficient and provide peace of mind to your customers. Bait stations help to prevent accidental exposure to children, pets, and the environment while also protecting the bait from moisture and debris. They also add the professional touch to your service program that your customers appreciate. With the advantages they provide and their ease of use, bait stations are a great addition to any pest management program.