Equipment Options Available for Applying InVade Bio Sanitation Products


Commercial facilities often struggle with chronic moisture and organic matter build-up, creating conducive conditions for pests to thrive. Pest management professionals can address these concerns with a good sanitation program using the InVade line of probiotic cleaners. These products are effective green cleaners that work more effectively than simple chemical cleaners in these tough environmental conditions.

When bio sanitation products are needed for servicing facilities, you will more than likely need to use, or consider using, specialized equipment particularly for wide area applications. For some InVade products, using foaming equipment can make applications easier and more efficient. There is also programmable equipment available when needing localized, continuous applications. Rockwell Labs has several professional equipment options available for applying InVade Bio Sanitation products.

Foamer Simpson 5.0

The Foamer Simpson 5.0 is a 5.0-liter (1.3 gallon capacity) pump-up foamer that delivers rich, thick foam with a consistency similar to shaving cream. The lightweight, durable plastic construction is reliable and makes servicing job sites easy. Its angled fan spray nozzle, 17″ wand, and 6.5′ hose make it easier to spray with less bending and increased range without needing to move the tank. A tool change isn’t necessary to coat surfaces or foam drains. Replacement parts are readily available. The Foamer Simpson 5.0 is ideal for use with InVade Bio Foam, OutLAST Pro foaming agent, or any other foaming product that is compatible with plastic. When using it with InVade Bio Foam, dilute InVade Bio Foam at a rate of 1 oz per quart of water.

Power Foamer

The Power Foamer is a rechargeable, battery-powered foamer that provides power throughout the day. With one charge, the long-life lithium-ion battery delivers power that will last for 6-7 tank fills. The Power Foamer comes with three tips for variable foam thickness. It has a working capacity of 1.5 gallons, and the translucent tank with level indicator makes it easy to fill and keep track of the product used. It comes with a 51″ hose, and 18.5″ fiberglass wand. With its durable construction, it is a reliable tool you can count on for your applications. You can also connect it to an external air compressor or pump it manually. The Power Foamer pairs well with InVade Bio Foam, OutLAST Pro foaming agent, and other foaming products.

InVade Power Dose

The InVade Power Dose is a programmable dispenser injection system that delivers a metered dose of concentrated microbial solution straight into drain lines. Its compact size allows for flexible installation close to where drain treatment is needed. The Power Dose cartridges contain premium, natural microbes that digest organic matter, activating when they come in contact with it. The continuous dosing maximizes the effectiveness of the microbes, resulting in the elimination of organic build-up and odors. The cartridges are easy to install and easy to replace, making servicing simple and quick. Each cartridge contains approximately a 30-day dosing supply. The InVade Power Dose does not contain harsh chemicals or fumes and is suitable for green service programs. It won’t harm septic systems or municipal water treatment operations. Power Dose is a great add-on service to any bio sanitation program.

InVade Mini-Doser

The InVade Mini Doser is a programmable dosing pump for use anywhere bio remediation is needed. It is designed to work with InVade Bio Cleaner and automatically doses the correct amount with the tamper-resistant programmable digital timer. It treats grease traps up to 500 gallons in size for 90 days. The programmable timer can be set to dose up to 8 times in a 24-hour period. Using the InVade Mini Doser will help to extend service intervals for grease trap pump outs or drain maintenance. The wall mounted unit includes the pump, timer, fittings, and bracket needed to hold a one-gallon jug of InVade Bio Cleaner.

InVade Spray Doser

The InVade Spray Doser is a programmable spray doser that applies probiotic cleaners over a wide area. It is effective when paired with a diluted solution of InVade Bio Cleaner. The wall-mounted unit can be configured to spray for a desired time and interval. It is easy to use. Simply place the input tube into the product to be sprayed, and mount the output tube so the spray covers the area to be treated. It is ideal for use in dumpsters, trash chutes, compactors, or any area with organic build-up or persistent odors. The unit includes a pump, power cord, tubing, spray tip, connectors, mounting screws, and a key.

A bio sanitation program is a great service offering for pest management professionals to provide their commercial accounts. To effectively serve your customers, you need to have the right tools available. It is important to have products and equipment that are effective and reliable. The right equipment can help make servicing customers easier and more efficient. Whether you are looking for a foamer or a programmable doser, Rockwell Labs has several options available to fit the varying needs of your customers.